10 Cartoon Characters Inspired By Real Life Person

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Cartoons are an essential part of every childhood, going around pretending to be our favourite characters, pretending to fight with Bruno and eating a can of spinach to get the power to fight. Pouring all our pocket money into Archie’s comics in our teenage years and arguing with friends about who is the best choice for Archie -Betty or Veronica. These memories are a treasure that makes us smile when we remember them, now, say, you find out that these characters were influenced by real-life people who existed at the time. How would you feel? Excited or would you be upset because you couldn’t meet them? Whatever you feel I am sure you will immensely enjoy reading this article.

Below you will see very similar looking people who can be considered to be doppelgängers. They either tried to look like their favourite cartoon or our favourite cartoons were inspired by them.

Many people out there wish to look like their favourite celebrity but I doubt they would want to look like Olive from Popeye the sailor man or Popeye himself if it was always your dream to be Cinderella or Snow White that’s another thing.

These real people who look like they just came out after shooting our favourite cartoon series could easily run into the set claiming to be that character and people would seriously believe some magic happened and the person somehow walked out of the television into the real world.

Stay Calm – NO, Get Excited! We are going to bring you 10 people who look like the human version of your favourite cartoon characters.

1. Cartoon Character – Popeye The Sailor, /Human Version – Frank “Rocky” Fiegel

The character of Popeye looks like it was inspired by this great guy called Frank Fiegel. Now, why do you think we would say that so surely? Because Frank Fiegel was a legend in Chester, Illinois.
And, Chester, Illinois was also the hometown of Popeye’s creator – E.C.Segar.

Look at the picture, Don’t you want to go on an adventure with him and hunt spinach cans for him whenever he needs to save Olive?

2. Cartoon Character – Dennis The Mennace, / Human version – Dennis Lloyd Ketcham

We all learned a prank or two from Dennis when we were young. It’s amazing to know that the cartoon character who was an idol to all trouble makers was real. The creator of the cartoon Dennis The Menace was Hank Ketcham who based the cartoon of Dennis on his son.

The sketch was finally completed and titled when his wife complained to him after one of Dennis’s mess-ups “Hank, Dennis is Menace!”

3. Cartoon Character-Tinker Bell/ Human Version – Margaret Kerry

We all loved playing PeterPan with our wooden swords and when it came to being Tinkerbell there was a debate as every girl wanted to pretend to be Tinker Bell. If we had a chance we would love to meet Margaret Kerry who inspired the looks of Tinker Bell.

4. Cartoon Character – Jessica Rabbit, /Human Version – Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake.

Jessica Rabbit, the sensuous cartoon character with the perfect curves from the animated movie ‘ Who framed Roger’ is said to have been inspired by three women. The source of inspiration was Rita Hayworth who was the wife of the animation director in the movie Richard Williams.

Jessica Rabbit’s hair was inspired by Veronica Lake and some cues were sketched from Lauren Bacall with the insistence of Director Rober Zemeckis.

5. Cartoon Character – Mr Magoo/ Human Version – W.C. Fields

Popular as a comedian during his times, W.C Fields did not create the character of Mr.Magoo with this comedian in mind but Later on, the creative directors grabbed some inspiration from this hilarious and excellent comedian.

6. Cartoon Character- Skippy /Human Version – Percy Crosby

Most of us live our childhood to the fullest and don’t go a day without a prank, such was the childhood of Percy Crosby- the creator of Skippy who drew and characterized him as his own younger self.

7. Cartoon Character – Archie Andrews, /Human inspiration – Mickey Rooney.

I would have loved to meet Mickey Rooney, I mean come on Archie brought freckles into fashion and we spent all our pocket money buying his comics. The real inspiration for the creation of Archie’s was Mickey Roonie though the drama series was played by K.J.Apa.

8. Cartoon Character – Henry, /Human Version – Carl Anderson

Henry- the protagonist of Carl Anderson’s strip wasn’t actually inspired by anyone but when he sketched a boy at his vocational training class for the sake of his students, this quick sketch became an inspiration in the making of Henry.

9. Cartoon Character- Little Lulu, /Human Version- Marjorie Henderson Buell

Inspired by her childhood self and memories, Marjorie Henderson who was one of the very few successful female cartoonists at the time sketched up Little Lulu based on herself.

10. Cartoon Character- Yosemite Sam, /Human Version- Deadeye/ Red Skelton

One of the most loved Looney Tune characters with his jumping gun was basically inspired by Director Fritz Freleng but later it got inspiration from Skelton’s Deadeye.