10 Lost Underwater Cities That Are an Intense Mystery till Date

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History always fascinates us. We are bound to find out the objects that are hidden. Thus, we embark to explore what is concealed yet present somewhere! Likewise, there used to be flourished, and thriving cities present on the earth back then. But, now there are nowhere to be seen.

What happened to them?

There has been a lot of discussion about the Lost City of Atlantis that lies beneath the water. However, no one has ever found a piece of authentic evidence regarding its existence. Similarly, there are a few other underwater cities that are an intense mystery even to date! While archeologists have played their part beautifully and managed to unravel the mystery. Still, the lost underwater cities remain partly covert.

In the past, these cities used to be a part of the incredible kingdoms and were great civilizations. The world saw the fall. So, now the cities are totally forgotten and most of you might have never heard of them.

Therefore, today we are going to discuss 10 of the lost underwater cities that entail a deep mystery in relation to them.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s dig in!


Eidum or Eydum is a lost city within The Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is a massive water body that is situated near the border of Germany. Inside The Wadden Sea, there are several strips of islands that are termed as the North Frisian Islands. So, within them, there was this city called Eidum.

Eidum was rebuilt again and again because the city suffers from constant erosion from the North Sea which disturbs it. However, the city got completely destroyed due to a flood, hitting it in the year 1436, killing around 180 people. Because of the flood, the coastal population shifted apart. Even today, the remains of the city could be witnessed when the water goes back.

Dian Kingdom

In the year 2001, a few archaeologist managed to discover this underwater city. The Dian Kingdom was discovered as the archeologists were working in the Fuxian Lake. There, they found a few remains of the city such as buildings and pottery pieces. Also, they found a huge building under the water which depicted the existence of this city. Apart from that, the locals admit to having witnessed ghosts’ towns within the water. The tail has become a quite famous legend that impresses the listeners.

So, through carbon dating, the archaeologists were able to verify the age of the ruins. The Dian Kingdom covers a distance of approximately 2.5 square miles in total.