10 Most Dangerous Airport Runways

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Out of all the modes of transportation, the airplane is considered to be the safest means to travel. Due to the fact that technology has become advanced so much, flying seems so easy and extremely stress-free. However, there are a few dangerous airport runways that can literally shake a regular traveler.

Talking about the dangerous runways of the world, the takeoff, and the landing procedure can scare you to death. A few passengers are always frightened due to their phobia of heights. So, in this way, such passengers need a bit of help from fellow passengers during an odd flying experience.

Hence, let’s talk about the most dangerous airport runways in the world that you need to be aware of. If you are about to go through these airport runways, then you need to become a brave heart and take a few safety precautions. Nonetheless, the airplanes are in the safe hands of talented pilots and their precision would help you in fulfilling a laidback journey.

So, let’s not waste any more time and start with the list!


New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit. But, Wellington International Airport is dangerous and you must know it! It is among the busiest of airports in the world. However, the runway of the airport is constructed in such a way that it ends in an ocean. The runway is 2,081 m (6,827 ft.).

When people hear that they would have to take off and land through such a runway, they go into depression already. Also, the airport carries an interesting history of turbulent takeoffs and landings. Small aircraft often face such a scenario. However, larger planes also sometimes have to face turbulence.

The heavy winds blowing in that area creates extreme difficulty for the pilots to maneuver the aircraft. Thus, making it a terrifying experience for the passengers.


At the end of the Princess Juliana Airport’s runway, there lies Maho public beach due to which gusty winds keep on blowing and make it challenging for the pilots to handle the planes. But, at the same time, the people on the beach are taken aback by the beautiful sight of the plane taking landing as it becomes quite close to the spectators.

While taking off, there is a heavy gust of wind and full-blowing sand, creating an epic scenario for everyone present out there. The 2,300 m (7,546 ft.) long runway is one of the most dangerous in the world due to it being extremely close to the ocean.

Turbulence can make the passengers feel horrified and a fresh passenger can even create havoc in such a situation. So, the pilots have to be wary of the situation and the crew must inform the passengers in priority.


The main issue of the Gibraltar International Airport is that the main road intersects with the airport’s runway. Thus, every time a plane has to take-off or land, the traffic has to be closed. Apart from that, the shore is located just around the corner of the runway which makes the landing procedure extremely tough for the pilots.

Amidst the shore, the runway is situated which means that while landing, the pilot has to be highly proficient to control the brakes at the right moment. Otherwise, the plane could go directly into the sea. Hence, take-off might not be such demanding as landing could be.



The Narsarsuaq Airport is situated at a very uncomfortable location. It is actually located between numbers of fjords in the southern part of Greenland. In the mountainous area, the heavy gust of wind is hugely evident and trouble the pilots and passengers while take-off or landing.

The 1823 m (6,000 ft.) runway is although short but very large in terms of danger. The substantial blow of the winds in this area scares most of the travelers and they are forced to take an alternate route rather than this.

Apart from that, a nearby volcano could erupt at any time. So, when it does, the aircraft have to face a lot of damage.


The Toncontin Airport serves at the top in being the most dangerous airports in the whole world. Especially, due to the fact that the weather over this place is mostly stormy and severe which results in extreme turbulence.

The runway is extremely narrow which forces the pilots to indulge in making a direct head-on landing. For small aircraft, it becomes a nightmare as they always have a fear of overshooting if some small mistake occurs.

Additionally, the airport has witnessed many deaths. In 1989, a Boeing commercial plane collided with the mountains, pronouncing the death of 132 people. Therefore, a new airport is under construction in order to replace the Toncontin Airport.