10 of the Happiest Countries To Live In The World

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Remaining happy is a key to success. However, this fact is largely determined by the country in which we are currently living. It is evident due to the fact that whenever we are in a livelier place, surrounded by positivity, we automatically become happy and contented!

So, knowing the importance of happiness, today at KSM Globe we are going to discuss 10 of the happiest countries of the world where you should aim to spend your whole life in our new video.

Without any further ado, let’s go!


Luxembourg has always remained the favorite of its residents. Even the people coming for a holiday wish to reside in this country for the rest of their lives. Such is the charm and aura of this place. Also, the country is small in terms of population. The population is only 6,000,000 which means it is not a challenging task for the authorities to handle such a low population.

Hence, the country is capable of providing the best security measures as well as a high amount of jobs. Citizens can enjoy a number of benefits after their retirement which obviously makes everyone living in the country happy.

So, when everyone is happy, the country itself is termed as one of the happiest countries in the whole world. The excellent work/life balance and a supreme healthcare system is something that consolidates into a perfect country.

Ladies and gentlemen, Luxembourg it is!


Austria has successfully climbed up in life-expectancy and GDP Per Capita. Biking is a great activity that residents of the country are fond of taking part in. The developmental and economic projects are always at a peak in this country. Apart from that, the beautiful surroundings, the richness of culture, and the fresh air are a few of the factors that make for a perfect life in this country. All the time, there is always a number of tourists coming into the country due to the beauty of it and also the resorts that are available at a cheap price. The country earns through flourishing tourism. The money is spent on the residents of the country. Hence, Austria becomes happy with each passing day.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the safest country where the crime rate is almost nothing. The neighbor of Australia is always looking for chances to beat it. Kiwis are considered to be highly friendly and accommodative. They will never ever make you feel like an outsider if you are on a holiday in New Zealand. The work-ethic of Kiwis is also exceptional due to the number of benefits provided to them by the New Zealand Government. The beaches, the greenery all around, and the excellent vibe of the country, collectively make New Zealand into the happiest country in the world.


Sweden has found a place on our list as well because of obvious things. The high GDP Per Capita is a very renowned reason for making the country one of the happiest countries in the world. Apart from that, the people in Sweden consider everyone an equal individual in the country. No one is greater than others with respect to caste, creed, religion, or culture. Therefore, the country excels in all departments. The teachings of social equality start right from kindergarten so that right from childhood, the child gets to know the value of peace and equality. Leave of 16 months is also provided to a family when they welcome a newborn baby into their lives. Also, the government itself provides free daycare that is full of necessary facilities so that the parents could easily concentrate on work. The country is also one of the best for women. The work/life balance and ample chances of growth make this country into one of the happiest in the whole world.


According to studies, the Netherlands has been capable of keeping the happier levels at a constant place right from 2005 to 2019. It is insane that a country is able to hold its levels at a constant point without any hindrance in the stats. Another study says that children living in the country are the happiest in the whole world. It is a fact due to a number of reasons. The excellent child-care system, the top-notch schooling facilities, the well-being and health of the children, and several other reasons make Netherlands one of the happiest countries in the world.


Norway was always like this. It was always a cheerful and joyful country right from the start. Well, we have to say thanks to the government for its prompt actions regarding the development of the country at all levels. The welfare system of the country as well as the flourishing economy has collectively helped the country to become a lot prosperous. There’s been an abundance of natural resources in the country. However, it is the country’s excellent planning that actually converts resources into useful means just to provide ample happiness to the country. Economic planning, faith in government, and financial well-being contribute to the complete success and happiness of the country.


Iceland is a great country where no one is ever alone. Whenever people go through some sort of trouble, there is someone to help you out! We can comprehend this fact from the 2007 financial collapse when people when through a lot of troubles. However, the citizens helped each other and the country revitalized dramatically. Americans abruptly started moving into Reykjavik which made the residents of the country a bit worried. But, rest of the things almost remained uniform. The security levels of the residents persisted to be the same. Perhaps it happened due to the reason that the residents are quite accommodative of everyone coming into the country. Also, the residents can anytime move to the countryside that looks exceptional beauty, and some wonder on this planet earth.


Switzerland is truly and greatly heaven on earth. From the tourism perspective, the country is renowned in the whole world. The standard of living is way better than a number of countries in the world. Roaming around in the country, eating out, and exploring even in the middle of the night is super safe. There’s no crime at all. Plus, there will be no one to bother you while you are breathing in the country. The pay rate is amazing and highly fulfilling. Even the employment opportunities are better than those of the present in America. The public transportation is also hassle-free. In order to go from one point to another, you’ll find a number of active transportations that will enhance your journey towards the destination. For quality education, there is no better place than Switzerland. The education here is almost free. So, all in all, Switzerland is definitely one of the happiest countries in the world where everyone would want to spend at least some hours of their lives.


Life expectancy, the standard of living, great quality jobs, and a world-class education system jointly make Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world. Also, the country has been working towards recycling the used products. Renewable energy production is the main aim of Denmark as of now. In 2014, the country became renowned as most of its production was through wind energy. The country is really beautiful, having clear paths for riding bikes. Bike riding is quite common in Denmark where people make bike riding as their sole mode of transportation, reducing pollution at a larger scale. Trust in government, economic stability, lovely surroundings, and a proper work/life balance mutually make the country one of the happiest countries in the whole world.


Rovaniemi, Finland – March 7, 2017: Car on the road at winter Rovaniemi, in Lapland, Finland, Europe

Finland has always emerged on the top when it comes to the happiest countries in the world. The first and foremost reason behind the country reaching the top is its exceptional educational system. The exceptional and incomparable educational system focuses on experiential learning rather than putting emphasis on theory learning. The practicality has always considered being necessary for the schooling system of the country. The learning system of the country is so unique and well-formed that it easily ranks ahead of countries like South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. All the citizens of the country get equal opportunities in all departments. The government concentrates upon uniting the citizens and dissolving notions like hatred and extremism.

The Bottom Line

So, here we have come to an end of our video that showed you 10 of the happiest countries in the whole world where everyone desires to spend their life. If you are fortunate, you can live in these countries and forget about all your worries and hardships. However, getting a residency in these countries would not be easier. So, why not take a vacation to all the above-mentioned countries and experience the special features of these countries.