10 Of The Longest Bridges In The World

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Gathering the longest bridges in the world at one place is definitely a challenging task because there is no specific way of measuring the length of bridges. There are a few bridges in the world that have been measured from shoreline to shoreline and a few bridges have been measured from the entry points to the exit points. Nonetheless, the numbers remain to be a rough estimate.

Bridges not only help in shortening the distance. Rather, we can easily cover an obstacle like a sea or a valley by building a bridge. Many countries have been famous for building the longest bridges time and again. Also, as you pass through a bridge, you can sense a different kind of energy while almost looking at the whole area in a couple of minutes. Thus, from beauty’s point of view, bridges are the best things we can find in all sorts of construction work.

So, after a lot of efforts, we have compiled a list of 10 of the longest bridges in the whole world. Most of these bridges are in China due to the excellent construction work of China’s builders.

Here we go!

Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge

The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge is located between Nanjing and Shanghai in China. It remains to be longest bridge in the world. China has been emerging on top with respect to the construction industry. The bridge is about 164.8 kilometers long and was opened up in June 2011. The bridge is an essential part of the Shanghai-Beijing High-Speed Railway.

Its construction started in 2006 and the bridge became fully operational in June 2011. Around 10,000 workers were employed to build the bridge which cost $8.5 billion of total funding.

Changhua–Kaohsiung Viaduct

According to estimates, Changhua–Kaohsiung Viaduct is the second-longest bridge in the world. The bridge is 157.3 kilometers long. The bridge poses as a viaduct for a part of the Taiwan High-Speed Railway.

It got completed in 2007. Over 200 million people are carried over it easily within the first five years of its commencement. The railway is built over some fault lines and is designed in such a way that it could easily prevent earthquakes. Also, the bridge is extremely sturdy to endure damages done due to natural disasters.

Tianjin Grand Bridge

The Tianjin Grand Bridge is 113.7 kilometers in length. The bridge is located in China. It is a part of the Beijing-Shanghai railway that connects Langfang to Qingxian. Plus, according to previous measurements, the bridge was the second-longest bridge in the world.

It got completed in 2010. The structure of the bridge is very unique because of the elevated track that helped the builders to avoid erecting a number of single structures for crossing railways and roads. Also, it shortened the duration of the construction.

Cangde Grand Bridge

Cangde Grand Bridge is officially the world’s fourth longest bridge as it boasts a great length of 105.9 kilometers. The construction of the bridge got completed in 2010. The bridge is a part of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway with 3,092 piers.

It is made in such a robust manner that it can easily evade humongous catastrophes.

Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge

Again, the Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge is built in China in 2008. The length of the bridge is about 79.7 kilometers. The bridge is also a very important part of Zhengzhou–Xi’an high-speed railway. It connects Zhengzhou and Xi’an.

Well, there is an interesting fact about Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge. Even after its completion, the bridge remained idle until February 6, 2010.

Then, it got opened for regular passengers and cargo trains. The construction of the bridge got completed in 2008. At that time, the bridge was the longest in the world. Nonetheless, it was quickly outdone by the above-mentioned bridges.

Hong kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge

The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge has found its place in the world’s longest bridges as it got completed in 2018. A whopping amount of $ 18.8 billion was the cost of building this 55 kilometer long bridge. It connects Hong Kong and Macao.

It is the longest sea bridge and the longest open-sea fixed link in the world. The bridge consists of a series of three cable-stayed bridges, an undersea tunnel, and four artificial islands, making the bridge look breathtaking even from a distance.

The construction of the bridge started in December 2009 and got competed on February 6, 2018.

Bang Na Expressway

The Bang Na Expressway in Thailand got opened up in 2000. The bridge is 54 kilometers long and finds its place among the longest bridges in the whole world. Bang Pakong Expressway which is also the six-lane elevated highway is ranked at 7th number in the general category of the longest bridges in the world.

From 2000 to 2004, the Bang Na Expressway was the longest bridge in the world. The highway which is built with more than 1,800,000 cubic meters of concrete is elevated on a viaduct that spans 42 meters on average.

Beijing Grand Bridge

The Beijing Grand Bridge is the 8th longest bridge in the world. The bridge is 48.2 kilometers long and is a part of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway that connects Beijing to Shanghai. The construction of the bridge ended in 2010. However, it got opened for the general public in 2011.

Despite the fact that the bridge only serves Beijing and the suburbs of it, the bridge makes it to the top 10 among the longest bridges in the world which is quite fascinating stuff to know!

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in southern Louisiana in the United States’ longest continuous bridge. The bridge passes over water. So, while passing through this bridge, the view looks magnificent. There are basically two parallel bridges and the longest is 38.44 kilometers.

It held the trophy of the world’s longest sea bridge until 2018, when the Hong kong-Zhuhai-Macao-bridge dethroned it, becoming the longest bridge in the world.

Line 1, Wuhan Metro Bridge

The Line 1, Wuhan Metro is a raised Metro Line in Wuhan. Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei Province in China. Again, the solid Chinese construction has found its way in the top 10 list. There is a huge network of Metro Line in China, having its system in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

After the building of Line 1 in July 2004, Wuhan became another place in China to have a Metro system. The Line 1, Wuhan Metro is officially the longest unbroken metro viaduct in the world which is 37.7 kilometers in length.

So, basically, it is confirmed that most of the longest bridges are built in China. Hence, if you are looking forward to witnessing the longest bridges, we suggest you book a trip to China and see the amazing construction work there.

The Bottom line

So, here we have come to an end of our list that showed you 10 of the longest bridges in the world. Construction work is still happening with a lot of intensity. So, in the near future, we will see many more longest and beautiful bridges in the world. It might not be false if we say that the next longest bridge could be built in China. So, let’s see!