10 of the world strongest military – 2019

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This year we have seen some changes in the top 10 with two countries in the far east rising up the charts, and the UK dropping two places as it faces disruption due to Brexit. The USA continues to outspend everybody whilst adjusting to shifting centers of power globally.

10. – Germany


Photo – Wiki

Germany remains in tenth position in out list of 10 of the world strongest military. Germany has a defense budget of $49.5 billion., which is 1.2% of GDP. Another factor that makes Germany an interesting entry is that the German army is being developed into an embryonic European force and already has forces from other European countries under its command. Forces from Romania, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands have placed some elements of their forces under German command. This is balanced by the threat of the USA relocating some of its forces currently in Germany to Poland.

>> Total military manpower 298,641 (208,641 last year)

> Total Aircraft 613 (714 last year)

>>Total fighters 122 (94 last year)

>>Combat Tanks 900 (432 last year)

>Navy 81 (81 last year)

9. – Turkey

100614-N-3218H-002 (Kabul, Afghanistan) Two Turkish soldiers salute while the Afghan National Army band plays the national anthems of Turkey and Afghanistan. Turkey has an outstanding relationship with Afghanistan and continues to support recovery and sustainment. (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 (SW) Christopher Hall)


We tend not to think of how powerful Turkey really is. Situated adjacent to middle east countries which have been constantly at war for many years, the defense has been very important to the Turkish people. Turkey also has a huge population to support large armed forces. At number 9 Turkey has remained unchanged since last year. A point worth considering is that Turkey is developing armaments and logistics industry to support its growing military. The Turkish military budget is $19 billion, which is 2.5% of its GDP.

>> Total military manpower735,000 (710,565 last year)

> Total Aircraft 1067 (1056 last year)

>>Total fighters 207 (207 last year)

>>Combat Tanks 3,200 (2,446 last year)

>Navy 194 (194 last year)