10 Photos That Tell The Stories Of The Creepy History

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There are many unusual instances that occurred in the world. Even today, many are taking place. Hence, the events are being recorded easily due to the advancements in photography and media.

However, in the past centuries, the camera was a rare object. But, still, there are events that caught the eyes of the camera and managed to stay until the end of the world. Thus, today when we see those pictures, we get a bit frightened.

Today, we have assembled a list of top 10 photos that are capable of haunting us due to the sporadic stories that they convey.

So, without waiting much. Let’s start!

A woman got hit by an extraterrestrial object

 Ann Elizabeth Fowler Hodges was the woman who was hit by an extraterrestrial object. She is the one and only woman in the history who was hit by such an object. The extraterrestrial object was termed as Sylacauga meteorite. It was a massive meteorite of 5.5 KGs.

One afternoon, Ann Elizabeth was resting on her couch when the meteorite run into the house through the roof. It bounced off a radio and hit Ann Elizabeth on her left hip. She suffered quite a many damages that are easily visible in the photo. The accident took place on 30th November 1954.

Englishmen wore gas masks due to the fear of attack

 The unfortunate photo was taken in 1941 in Liverpool, England. The kids are being shown wearing gas masks in order to prevent themselves from the gaseous chemicals emitted from the persisting bombing by the Germans amidst World War 2.

All Englishmen were afraid of a gas attack. Thus, they wore gas masks for their own safety. Apart from that, the children in the schools were being prepared for the attack through regular drills.