10 Secrets Flight Attendants Will Never Tell You

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If you are a regular traveler, you would be astonished to find out the things that flight attendants normally hide. Such things are kept a secret so beautifully that you’ll have no chance to unravel them. When we are on the plane, we have to follow the SOPs such as switching off the phones, fastening the seatbelts, and many others!

But, do you actually know why do we have to follow these rules? If you are unaware of these secrets, let us inform you!

Today we are going to reveal 10 amazing secrets that flight attendants never tell us!

So, let’s begin!

The headphones wrapped up properly in plastic are not new!

What do you think about the headphones, wrapped up nicely in a clean plastic? You really think those are new! Ah Well, these headphones are the same, old ones that are used by the previous passengers and are not brand new at all! The plastic wrap might be new. But, the headphones are not! Headphones look new, but when you actually have a thorough look at it, you’ll see that the headphones will be in rough shape. But, as it is packed in a plastic bag, not everyone would notice.

The authorities have the responsibility of cleaning and packing the headphones so that they look totally new when they are not!

When headphones are packed in a plastic bag, the passengers feel that headphones are new and they never complain!

The real reason behind the dimming of lights during takeoff and landing

Well, there’s a secret that flight attendants hide from us just to remain on the safe side. You might have observed that during takeoff and landings, the lights are dimmed intentionally. It is a tactic that is employed in order to make our eyes adjust to the darkness. Hence, in case of an emergency or sudden power breakout, we’ll be able to respond to the ongoing scenario nicely.

Our eyes normally take around 10 to 30 minutes to adjust to the darkness. Therefore, by dimming the lights, the flight attendants prepare us for any sort of emergency situation without even letting us know!

So, next time when you observe the lights being dimmed, don’t complain!

The water used to prepare tea or coffee is dirty

If the air hostess is insisting you to have tea or coffee, put a smile on your face, and simply say NO to it. This will be the best decision you’ll ever make! Believe me, the tea or coffee on a plane is prepared from dirty water. Well, the water is kept in a tank that has literally never been cleaned. There are many passengers who ask for tea or coffee again and again. Now, after knowing this, what would you do?

The flight attendants will never have any problem in making you drink the coffee or tea but you’ll definitely end up in a hospital!

Do whatever it takes, but avoid tea or coffee while you are on a plane!

Flight attendants do not get paid for the extra effort that they put in!

To be honest, flight attendants are definitely true warriors and they never let us know this important fact. Flight attendants only get paid for the flight hours and not for the unimaginable work that they do besides covering the flight hours. The flight attendants are very quick and always on their toes to help you out. They carefully listen to the passengers and fulfill their demands, no matter whatever the need be!

They greet us with big, wide smiles no matter how hard the day might be for them, they babysit our children, they help us load the heavy baggage and what not!

But, they are only paid for the flight hours which is unfortunate and needs to be told out and loud!

Diet Coke takes a lot of time to get served

First person POV eating complimentary pretzels in an airplane

Diet Coke takes nearly three times more effort to get served. However, the passionate flight attendants never refuse any passenger. It takes a lot of time to pour in glass because of the exceptional altitude. At nearly 35,000 feet above, the fizz takes time to settle in a glass.

The flight attendants have revealed that they were able to serve 3 to 4 passengers in the time where only one glass could be filled with Diet Coke.

So, if you are on a plane and want some Diet Coke, please spare a minute to think about the vulnerable flight attendants!

The lavatories can be unlocked from the outside

No one wants to see you when you are in a lavatory. But, for all the right safety purposes, there is a knob through which a lavatory could be unlocked from outside. In case, someone dies or hurts himself/herself in the lavatory, there will be a way to get him/her out. Also, the way to unlock a lavatory from outside is very easy. Not much of the effort is applied and the lavatory will be unlocked within a few seconds.

So, whenever you are heading to a lavatory, make sure to get done as soon as possible. Otherwise, a flight attendant will be there to look after the situation!

You would definitely not want to appear in an uncomfortable position in front of dozens of people. Would you?

The science behind switching off the electronics

Passengers have been obeying the flight attendants since I don’t know when! On their one command, all the passengers turn off their electronics. But, why you do that?

Basically, the pilots follow the avionics technology, incorporated in the cockpits. So, when the electronic devices are active, the radio waves interrupt the avionics technology that could prove to be extremely critical for the pilots, they might not be able to navigate properly. When the electronic devices are active, they become an obstacle in the way of communication between the control room and the cockpit. So, if the communication is hindered, the pilot will have a lot of problems in flying the plane and that is going to hurt everyone on board.

Therefore, it is ordered to switch off all the electronics for the smooth operations of an airplane. Hence, you are doing a good job if you are obeying the flight attendants silently!

Planes get struck by lightning

Although flight attendants will never tell you but planes do get struck by lightning more often than not! It is a common gimmick opted by the flight attendants to not make you feel panicked or terrified. This is the main reason that you are not told about any smash with the lightning.

Nonetheless, the planes are designed in such a way that they can easily endure the damage received from a flash of lightning. Sometimes, planes do get a little damage. But, nowadays, the airplane craftsmanship is improving. So, in the future, the planes will swiftly avoid any sort of damage caused by lightning.

However, when a plane is hit by lightning, the passengers feel a little shake. Hence, they get worried. Flight attendants do their best to calm down the passengers. But, a few of the curious passengers keep on asking several questions from the flight attendants. Nonetheless, the flight attendants do their job beautifully by making every passenger satisfied with the service.

The truth about oxygen masks

In an emergency situation, when face masks are dropped down, you only get around 15 minutes of oxygen from the point of pulling them down. These 15 minutes are more than enough for a pilot to take you down to a lower altitude where you will be able to breathe properly. On higher altitudes, your risk of dying is extremely huge.

At high altitudes, you only have 15 to 20 seconds before you actually pass out. A sane pilot will do anything to save lives, no matter what happens!

However, in the end, it all boils down to what is written in your fate!

There is an ax in the cockpit

According to the law of many countries including the law of the USA, an ax is a very useful equipment that could be used in emergency situations. So, airplanes keep an ax in the cockpit in order to open a jammed door, contain a fire, or cut any panel.

You might think that due to the excessive safety requirements within an airport and on the plane, nothing could be carried that might prove to be a threat to the passengers.

However, airplanes carry dangerous equipment in the cockpit, but only for good purposes. Remember, you can’t carry any weapon or sharp equipment while boarding. But, airplane management can keep anything they want!

The Bottom Line

So, here we have come to an end of our list that told you about never-heard-before secrets that flight attendants never wish to reveal. Well, due to their ongoing duties, they hide most of these secrets. But, now that you know most of them, do tell us how you feel about them!

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