10 Strangest Fashion Trends Of The Past That Would Leave You In Shock

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From each passing second, a new fashion trend emerges that fascinates people to indulge in it. However, with great fashion, women had to go through a lot. Sometimes they had to change their diet, the other times they had to tie their hair in a certain manner just to match the fashion trends of the particular era.

Talking about the past, some weird and mind-boggling fashion trends became the talk of the town which were embraced by the young girls with no hesitation at all. Today, we are going to enlighten you with the most bizarre fashion trends that ruled back then!

Beauty Creams with Mercury and Cyanide

Photo – Wikimedia

In the past, women used to apply beauty creams, consisting of Mercury and Cyanide to look more glamorous, beautiful and super gorgeous. Unfortunately, this fashion trend has accumulated women to date. But, in the past, women used to consistently apply these poisonous creams on their faces and the rest of the body. Mercury is a highly toxic substance, known to produce many damages to the central nervous system. However, the women of the past applied it for smoother, clearer skin and to treat syphilis.

Hazardous Hair Dye

Photo – Wiki


During the 19th century, the women were drawn towards using the hair coloring dyes that contained several chemicals. Out of many dangerous ingredients used in these dyes, lead and toxic silver nitrate were the worst enemies of the skin, lungs, and hair. Apart from this horror, these dyes were highly inaccurate in terms of the results. For instance, if the women applied the dye for achieving a blue color, chances were that the hair turned green!