10 Strangest Traditions From Around The World

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We live in a mad, mad world. As we look around, we notice several unusual elements that baffle our minds and leave us thinking for almost a minute! Similarly, all around the world, we come across bizarre traditions and values that seem okay to a few bunches of people but will be equally disturbing for a few other bunches of people.

While we progress ahead and our values and traditions evolve to a great extent, still, there would be people following the same, old ways!

So, today, we have taken out a bit of time to explore 10 strangest traditions from around the world. Here we go!

‘Night Hunting’ in Bhutan

Young men belonging to the eastern parts of the Himalayan kingdom set out at night in order to find their “love” and get involved in a pact of matrimony. This kind of hunt is known as “Bomena”. So, they enter into the rooms of eligible spinsters and wish to spend a night with them.

However, if they are caught, they would have to marry the girl or work in the field of the girl’s father which acts as a punishment for their wrongdoing!

The tradition is downright bizarre as it neglects the basic rights of women, escalating rape attempts, and sexual assaults on them. The tradition can never be justified as it hinders the right to privacy of women and as responsible people, we need to raise our voice against it!

Bullet Ant gloves of the Satere-Mawe tribe

I don’t know why men have to prove their manhood time and again! Men are supposed to be strong, they can’t cry, they can’t get hurt and they have to follow the general outlook of a man that has been constructed in our society! Sigh!

So, when the boys of this Amazonian tribe reach a certain age, they have to prove their manhood through an extremely terrifying and torturous performance which is actually a part of their traditions!

The young men have to trap bullet ants, then a medicine man drug these ants, and then these ants are placed in woven mitts. The sting of the bullet ant is so horrifying that it could be compared to that of a hit from a bullet! How insane that would be!

Finally, the young men wear these mitts and dance for approximately 10 minutes to prove their manhood. Satere-Mawe men do not have to go through this ritual for once but for at least 20 times in their lifetime!

Throw the baby for good luck in India

In India, several odd traditions casually take place which is actually a vital part of their religions. However, this is something really absurd. The ritual is performed in Karnataka in which newborn babies are thrown off the 50-feet high Sri Santeswar temple. Yes, the parents themselves throw their newly-born babies with their own hands!

Nonetheless, there’s a catch in this whole custom that you need to know before jumping to any conclusions! You might be assuming that why would the couple kill their own babies. Well, the babies are obviously caught from the down region in cloth by the families. Nevertheless, why would anyone risk their child’s life like this?

Couples who are blessed with a child after taking a vow at the temple need to follow this ritual. It is said that by following the 500-year-old ritual, good luck will accompany babies.

Bathroom ban after marriage

Can you control yourself from going to the bathroom? Well, a few of the specific Indonesians have to!

Newly married couples, belonging to the Tidong community in Indonesia cannot go to the bathroom for 3 days after their wedlock. It is said that if the couple does not follow the tradition, there will be bad luck for them, for example, the birth of an abnormal child or death of any of the spouses or similar incidents.

So, the parents of the bride and the groom are on strict supervision. They monitor the couple closely so that they cannot land into the washroom, no matter how big the emergency might be!

After completing 3 days, the couple can finally take a bath or answer the nature calls! But, what would they do in those 3 days? We are wondering, you keep on wondering too!

Penis Festival in Japan

The festival is better known as Kanamara Matsuri that boggles our minds! In this festival, the participants carry a large sculpture of a penis and parade through the streets of Kawasaki, Japan. In ancient cultures, it was believed that a wizard having strong and deadly vaginal teeth seduced men to their deaths until temple priests used a metal d**k to annihilate her deadly secret weapon, finishing her for once and for all!

A number of sex workers participate in this event in order to pray for good health and for safeguard against STDs.

Consuming the dead

The members of the Yanomami tribe who reside in the Amazon rainforest bordering Venezuela and Brazil are against the idea of burying dead people. According to their thinking, it is said that a soul cannot get full peace if the body is intact. Hence, the body needs to be destroyed completely for the soul to rest in eternal peace.

The ash and the bone powder obtained after the cremation is mixed into a plantain soup that is consumed by the departed soul’s family. Also, the members of the Yanomami tribe think that if this tradition is followed, then the departed soul would stay within them!

How scary is that!

Famadihana, Madagascar

Death is downright scary and you might feel extremely low while visiting a graveyard to see your loved ones being buried there. However, for the Hauts Plateaux of Madagascar, the story is totally different. In July and September, the residents of Madagascar follow the tradition of Famidihana.

In such a custom, the exhuming of the remains of the deceased ones takes place by their family members and the leftover bodies are re-wrapped in fresh, new cloth.

Relatives also ask the dead bodies to provide them with their blessings and teach them a way to live in this world. The event does not happen in any sort of sadness. Rather, the participants drink liquor, tune-up the music, and dance along with the dead bodies!

It can’t get spookier than this!

Polterabend – Break the dishes and get the newlyweds to clean the mess in Germany

The German pre-wedding tradition is known to be really famous as it tests the couple thoroughly. In this tradition, the friends and family members of the bride and the groom come together and break the beautiful dishes! Ultimately, the bride and the groom have to clean up the mess!

Yup, there would be no maid cleaning-up the mess that you’ve scattered instead the bride and the groom, the two most important people would be performing this task!

It is done in order to check the compatibility between the couple and their strength to last long together through every thick and thin! Nonetheless, we don’t have to be too literal, or do we?

Gerewol Festival

A sight of beauty and values is what we usually attach to women since the birth of this earth! We consider women to be the epitome of beauty and talent. However, in the Wodaabe tribe, it is men who have to look smart and beautiful, but not women! Finally, a place where women won’t be judged for their look and appeal!

The courtship festival known as Gerewol is the function where the boys have to dress-up nicely and showcase their abilities in front of the women. It is the chance for the men to show what they’ve got!

So, within the event, there’s a dance competition known as Yaake in which the winners are conferred according to their overall look and dancing skills.

Muharram mourning – whip yourself to honor Hussain’s sacrifice in Islamic countries

In Muharram, the mourning of the sacrifice of the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson Imam Hussain A.S takes place which has to be the cruelest among all! Around 72 warriors sacrificed their lives for Islam.

The battle of Karbala is indeed a massive one and a lot of lives were sacrificed but that does not mean that you harm yourself to such an extent that you might get killed in order to mourn! But, in Islamic nations, the Shia sect follows the tradition of harming themselves with knives and blunt weapons to showcase their grief regarding the incident!

The mourners even whip their little children and there is bloodshed for no reason at all!

The Bottom Line

So, here we have come to an end of our list that showcased 10 bizarre and strangest traditions from around the world that need to stop right away. If you know about any such odd tradition in your area, do let us know in the comment section below!