100 wives are not enough for this Japanese man!

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You can’t but happiness with the help of money, but you can buy things that may cause happiness. Family is the main source of happiness for humans and you can’t but a family. However, you can buy a family in Japan, you can hire different characters who may play the role of your family members. Say thanks to Japanese Traditions and Ishii Yuichi who make it possible. Yuichi plays a role family member for many people. Many of them are sure that he is the real family member.

Why people need it?

Family is the basic need for social animals which leads to the establishment of the new company “Family Romance” for Ishii Yuichi. What happens if you’re far away from your family on the special day of your graduation day and they’re not able to cheer you? Your parents could not able to manage time for your wedding day, so, what happens? You are at a place where you need a lot of friends to make moments joyful? In all such circumstances, we need the companionship of someone or some fellows. Although family rental service was an old job in Japan, but Ishii Yuichi has taken it to a new level.

Beginning of the journey

The idea of creation of “Family Romance” came into the mind of Ishii Yuichi when he was 24 years old. He did the role of father for the baby of his young friend when her 4 years old son was denied for the admission in kindergarten due to family background. He not only played a good role in that circumstance but also realized the son as his real father. This was the time when he thought for the starting of a new business which becomes one of the successful business in the future.

Lie or Solution?

Do you have ever played a double role in your life? It is definitely not as easy as many thinks. Think about playing hundreds of roles in life. Ishii Yuichi explained different situations, he had to face in his daily life. He has been asked to play the role of father, friend, husband, client, uncle, and relative. He is also sometimes asked to be a groom for girls who are under the intense pressure of their family.

As it is a lie, that’s why the company of Ishii Yuichi always ask their clients for this lie before hanging up on any argument. It’s a solution for those who don’t have family or are not able to experience their family presence due to long distances.