12 Creepiest Abandoned Buildings Around The World

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Many abandoned places could be found on earth. However, these abandoned buildings or places send shivers down the spine when you read the facts about such places. Plus, there is so much creepy regarding these places that all of you must be moved to find about them. Today, we are going to unravel all these places or buildings that are abandoned and strikingly creepy.

So, let’s not wait anymore and go forward with our blog!

Gereja Ayam (“Chicken Church”), Magelang, Indonesia

The jungles of Central Java have got something interesting for you, hidden deep inside. Yes, it is an abandoned church which is also known as Chicken Church. It is equally fascinating and eerie because of the dove structure on which it is made. So, basically the Church was started as a rehab center and a religious center in 1990. But, due to the huge costs of construction, the construction of the building soon got annulled. After some time, no one bothered to start the construction work again.

So, it became totally abandoned. Now, although the building offers nothing yet it has become a nice tourist destination for the visitors. The place offers exciting murals and sceneries for the visitors. So, if you ever stumble upon this place, you can click some nice pictures.

Tianducheng, Hangzhou, China

It might look similar to Post-apocalyptic Paris, but clearly it is not. It is China’s Tianducheng district that is a miniature copy of the capital of France. It is at a distance of 40 minutes from Hangzhou. People who built this amazing property, a thousands of ambitions were attached to it. The site contained its own Champs-Elysées and 300-foot Eiffel Tower.

Sadly, China’s ambitions were totally destroyed when the site became nothing but a creepy site. It was nowhere near the City of Lights, Paris. Now, no one could be found vouching for this place. Apart from that, it only caters to a few of the residents. Plus, the site has now become good for photography.

Rummu Prison, Estonia

Prisons are always creepy when you talk about them. There are several stories of the people residing in prisons that are enough to scare you. However, Rummu Prison, Estonia is a different prison altogether due to the fact that it could be found under the water. It was built by Soviet Union and got filled with prisoners in 1940.

As soon as Estonia gained independence, the prison was abandoned as it slowly and gradually sank into the water. The prisoners were forced to work in a nearby quarry that fill up with water due to the lack of supervision.

Now, Rummu Prison is a popular beach that is a sensational place for divers. Also, a few divers are too fascinated to find the inside story of the prison. Many equipment have been found under water that is related to the prison.

Pripyat, Ukraine

The Chernobyl nuclear diastser that happened in 1986 affected Pripyat, Ukraine really badly. Even after the incident, the harmful radiations forced the residents to shift somewhere else. So, now the location has become eerily creepy and is one of the most renowned abandoned places on the earth.

Also, the people who died here left a lot of stories behind. All these stories are awful reminders of what happened to these people. So, when you think about them, you tend to get really scared. Plus, there used to be an amusement park which was also abandoned. It has now become the most famous tourist destination of Ukraine. People from all over the world visit it for fun and to know about the hidden secrets.

Houtouwan, Shengshan Island, China

It is basically a farming village that is located at a distance of 87 miles from southeast of Shanghai. The place has been uninhabited for quite a long time now. No one could be seen in this place, making it a very popular ghost town. However, an interesting fact regarding the place is that all the buildings of the area are covered with lush vegetation instead of dust and rubble.

So, again when the buildings are too lush and green still there is an eerie thing about it. In 1990s, mostly all the residents shifted somewhere else and left the place. But, still a few of the residents could be found over here. Their main job is to sell water to the tourists who visit the place.

Dome Homes, Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island looks serenely beautiful, but can you spend a dark night over here? Well, the place was built, keeping in mind the eco-friendly aspect. Basically, the homes built in this area belong to a retired oil-tycoon. His main aim was to build eco-friendly surrounding for his family where they could spend their vacations.

However, due to the harsh weather of Florida, the homes slowly and gradually started eroding and soon they were nowhere to be found, leaving the good aims to bury deep down. The authorities are not taking any initiative to build the place again due to the same reasons.

The Maunsell Sea Forts, England

These are the big towers that were built in Thames estuary in order to protect England from Germany’s air raids during the World War 2. Nonetheless, the towers soon became abandoned and deteriorated. After that, these towers were only used for pirate radio operators.

One fort out of all of them is managed by micronation Principality of Sealand. While if you wish to visit the others, you can go through a boat.

City Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana

Well, you could think of Michael Jackson while discussing about this place. Basically, Michael Jackson was born over here. No doubt, it is the eeriest, creepiest yet amazing abandoned Church on earth. It was built by the funds that were received through U.S Steel in 1962. The architecture is so beautiful that you would be mesmerized if you look at it for a while. The stones, the pillars, everything is built to perfection.

Nonetheless, the steel business was going through a rough patch, closing down the Church completely in 1975. The structure is deteriorating but still looks so pretty. It is a widely popular place for shooting movies.

Great Train Graveyard, Uyuni, Bolivia

Graveyards are places that can never make you happy. A sense of sadness is always attached to graveyards. However, there is something different about this place. It is known as a graveyard because the place houses antique and suspended trains.

It was decided to extend the train tracks and make the railway system extremely brisk due to the need of transportation. However, due to the technical difficulties, the project was halted and found no green light even in the future. Still, the trains were used to carry mineral mined by the miners. Soon, the mineral reserves ended which ended the jobs of the miners, leaving the place completed abandoned.

Ponyhenge, Lincoln, Massachusetts

The name of the place itself gives us an idea that it is filled with ponies made up of plastic and horses sitting very nicely in a field that is at a distance of 14 miles west of Boston. The ponies started appearing in this place in 2010 and grew even more in the coming years.

Well, the questions that would disturb everyone are: From where these ponies come? How do they grow in numbers? Why we are not aware of it? Well, these questions are valid but there is no one to answer us.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

Now, the place might look nothing to you. But, back then, the place carried its own legacy. It was known for the mining of diamonds and money was flowing from the place in 1908. Nonetheless, humans are always in search for more. So, the residents who used to mine diamonds over here found another prospect due to which they left the place, turning it into a ghost town.

Now, the place is totally abandoned. No one lives here as the houses are filled with sand, having no proper facility. But, the place is popular due to the fact that it could be used in the movies. In fact Dust Devil (1993) and The King Is Alive (2000) are two famous movies in which this ghost town appeared, increasing our curiosity to know about the place even more.

Łapalice Castle, Poland

The huge building was built in 1979 and was not supposed to be a castle. It was built as a studio for the artist Piotr Kazimierczak. It consisted a swimming pool, ballroom, ramparts, and beautifully-built towers. But, Piotr Kazimierczak abandoned the project, leaving the studio completely ruined.

The main reason behind Piotr Kazimierczak abandoning the project midway was the lack of funds. So, now the studio is nothing but a crumbling castle.


So, here we have come to the end of our list that showed you brilliant structures and buildings of the ancient times that were built, keeping a very positive aim in mind. However, due to several reasons, the buildings were abandoned and now are left for us to think and ponder about those wonders.