12 Strangest Animals You Did Not Know Existed

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You might think that you are aware of everything present on the earth as well as under the sea. Well, there is a world present beyond your imagination. There are a number of creatures created by God that you might have never heard the name of.

So, you must put a bit of attention in getting to know the amazing creatures, possessing a variety of qualities. If you are an avid animal lover, you would want to know everything regarding the animals present in this world. But, it is not possible to acquire each bit of information about every animal.

Apart from that, there might be many animals that might have not been discovered yet! However, if you are curious and find it incredible to obtain new insights about animals, then this blog is definitely worth your read.

Here, we have collected around 12 strangest animals on our list that we can bet that you never knew about them before! Thus, without any further ado, let’s start.

Goblin Shark

goblin shark Mitsukurina owstoni Japan (specimen / digitally manipulated) David Shen / SeaPics.com

The Goblin Shark is also known as Fossil Shark. It is an extremely different type of shark. Normally, the sharks are always eyeing a chance to grab their meal, be it, humans. However, the Goblin Shark possesses no danger to humans due to the depths it survives in.

Apart from that, the Goblin Shark is the only representative of the family Mitsukurinidae which is a lineage, about 125 million years old. They are found in the greater depths such as 100 meters under the sea. Plus, the adult Goblin Sharks are found much deeper than their young counterparts.

Panda Ant

The name itself is quite unusual for an ant. The Panda Ant is known to have this name due to the fact that its hair resembles the Chinese giant panda. It belongs to the Mutillidae family. The species is renowned for being extremely rare. However, it lays around 2000 eggs per year. But, due to its extravagant colors, they are easily caught by predators.

The Panda Ant is found in Chile and is totally wingless with large hair. Apart from that, the Panda Ant is extremely ruthless in its stings. So, you got to be extremely careful if you ever come across the Panda Ant.


In order to catch up with a Tarsier, you are recommended to take a trip to Southeast Asia. The Tarsiers are extremely primates that are not so common. They are only about 3 to 6 inches in size. However, their eyes are quite big and are a prominent feature in their entire bodies. Their fingers are also unusual in size and are quite large.

The eyes of the Tarsiers are considered to be the most attractive feature which makes them look strange. But, at the same time, they appeal to everyone as cute little animals. If you see a Tarsier ever in your life, you would want to make it your pet. Unfortunately, it is not possible to domesticate a Tarsier as they only survive in the wild.

White Lion

Photo – Flickr

A White Lion is no different than other lions, apart from its color. There is a genetic disorder in a few of the lions due to which they are white in color. Nonetheless, if you compare them with other lions, you will find no changes.

The animal lovers have claimed to find White Lion in South Africa. Nevertheless, it would be quite an opportunity if you ever sight such an animal. Those who have witnessed White Lions say that they are the most handsome creatures on earth.