15 Historic Moments Happened After 2010 That Will Go Down In History Books

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Keeping in mind the political and the cultural realm, the lifespan of the stories is very short these days. One event happens and is quickly forgotten by everyone. It does not last too long the way it used to, in the past!

You might be wondering why the lifespan of the stories is shorter as compared to yesterday. Well, thanks to the internet. Through the internet, a story spreads like a wildfire and a continuous repetition of the same story makes it stale, helping the audiences to forget it quickly.

Also, a fresh story is lined up before the previous one actually develops. So, these are the main reasons why a story can’t survive for long. Therefore, it is hard to come up with highly dominant styles, fashion, and ideologies that stay for quite a long time.

Nonetheless, a few events happened in the past that really are interesting enough to get registered in the history books. All these events happened in 2010 or after that. So, today we are going to discuss 15 of such historic moments.

Here we go!

Content Streaming

Well, the arrival of streaming channels brought an end to the never-ending reign of the video stores. In 2014, the leading video stores had to close down as there were literally no sales. Many video stores filed for bankruptcy and couldn’t sustain due to the growing popularity of the streaming channels.

All of it happened due to the advent of Netflix. It changed the way people used to consume entertaining content. Netflix is here and is dominating. Now, you can search among a number of shows and sit back to watch them. There is a huge variety of shows in every genre possible. You are looking for comedy, you will get that. You are looking for suspense, you will even be served with that. So, don’t forget to grab your popcorn.

“Netflix and Chill” is what people think about all the time these days!

Selfie Sticks

People say that homemade selfie sticks are the talk of the past. They happen to be available even in 1925 which is actually true.

But, the term “Selfie Stick” became really popular in 2014. Every person used to go to the store and buy it in order to capture great selfies on the go. So, within a small period of time, selfie sticks became so famous that the technology companies started coming with a huge variety of selfie sticks. These selfie sticks were capable of capturing breathtaking shots in a steady manner which was not possible with bare hands.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was the biggest mystery of 2014. The jet suddenly took off and then it was nowhere to be found. There were 239 passengers on-board and their families waited for news regarding them but nothing positive was heard.

Everywhere in the world, people panicked and were is deep shock regarding the missing of the plane. However, Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Najib Razak after years revealed that the flight was downed somewhere in the Indian Ocean, burying all hopes of the survival of the passengers.

Is this the only explanation that you would accept? Well, you should ask for clear investigations. It is a big deal!

Golden Age of Television

The Golden Age of television started in the 1950s. However, for most of the people, it started after 1990 due to the epic shows Friends and The X-Files. These shows are still very popular. Friends have created a separate legacy of it.

Some of the people also say that 2010 was the actual golden age for the television because of the decline of the cable-providers and the streaming channels taking up their place. The streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime were the most cost-effective domains for the consumption of media.

It gave the authority to the consumers to pick and choose their favorite content and they were no longer oppressed by the Cable operators.

Shows like Game of Thrones, money Heist kept on influencing the audiences and is still the favorite of many!

The first-ever photo of a black hole

The black hole is a mystery that is really hard to unravel. However, in 2019, a picture of it came out that shocked the netizens. The picture was of a Supermassive Black Hole (SMBH) at the center of M87. It was an enormous elliptical galaxy in the Virgo constellation.

The accomplishment was a great one that received appreciation from scientists from all over the world.

The Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

The Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami took place in 2011. It registered itself in the history books. It was the fourth-ever dangerous earthquake that has ever taken place in the world.

People had no time to evacuate their houses. Thus, it was estimated that around 19,000 people lost their lives with multiple other damages because of this extremely harmful catastrophic event of the 21st Century.

Superhero films were the new norm

You might think that superhero films are only deemed eligible for kids. But, with Avengers: Endgame the things changed briskly. It grossed over $2.7 billion worldwide highest-grossing superhero film of all time and the highest-grossing movie of all time. It also surpassed the earning of Avatar.

Amazon rain forest fires

The Amazon rainforest caught a huge fire, burning down approximately half of the lively rainforest, killing a number of animals, and destroying the eco-system completely. In August 2019, a cloud of smoke appeared from parts of Brazil which created an anxiousness in people all over the world and they demanded an answer from the government of Brazil.

The event was extremely harmful to the generations to come. However, people finally understood the adverse effects of climate change and global warming due to which this epic occurrence escalated.


It is a referendum in which the UK voted to leave the European Union. In took place in 2016. Brexit became a reality in 2019 after years of delay.

Virtual reality

VR headsets became popular as the device had the capability to make you experience something that is virtual-based. The most popular VR headsets are PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, and the Samsung Gear VR.

First all-women spacewalk

Christina Koch and Jessica Meir were the astronauts to complete a spacewalk in 2019 with an all-women team. The occurrence was huge in terms of giving authority to the females. On October 18, 2019, the event took place which received wide acclaim from people all over the globe. It also helped women to find a feat of their own and to make the world realize that they are no less than men in any field.

We wait for many other news of such events coming from the women in every field because that is the standard of the day!

Visiting Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons probe was the spacecraft, capable of landing to the Pluto in 2019, completing the mission successfully. New Horizons also became the fifth space probe to achieve the escape velocity that is needed to leave the solar system.

Queen Elizabeth II makes history

Queen Elizabeth II made history on September 9, 2015, when she thanked people from all over the world due to their messages of kindness and affection as she went on the become the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

She has worked with 13 different prime ministers of the UK. She has been in the limelight due to her bold decisions.

#MeToo Movement

Highly acclaimed film producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed in the New York Times in 2017. The producer became popular for all the wrong reasons as he kept a bad eye on every girl. Actress Rose McGowen bravely shared her side of the story, revealing the predatory practices of the producer and the entire Hollywood industry.

This led to women gaining the courage to speak against the wrong events that happened with them all around the world. Women from every field faced such oppression coming from men. However, this time around they went onto expose such voracious behavior, and still, the movement is alive and is helping the innocent women.

China’s rover pictures from the dark side of the moon

China was successful in landing a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon in 2019. This was a huge step that changed the dynamics of the space exploration attempts because it was the first-ever time that an astronaut was capable of landing to the far side of the moon. China also managed to capture photos of this side of the moon which became really popular everywhere, bringing laurels for China.


So, here we have come to an end of our list that showed you great events that happened in 2010 after that! All these events are worthy of being recorded in the history books. Even after a century when people would read about these events, they would be left awestruck for sure.