15 Photos Of Events And People With Creepy And Unexplained Backgrounds

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The Internet is a magic place through which we are able to find even those creatures that actually do not exist or perhaps they do! Today, we are going to have a look at a few unusual photos with equally scary backgrounds of which no clarification has been given.

An interesting point to note is that all these photos came out before the advent of photo editing software. So, there is no chance that these photos were manipulated.

Let’s start the spine-chilling rollercoaster now!


A photographer took the photo when the building was caught up in a fire. Later, the photographer refined the photos only to find out a creature standing firmly in the balcony of the building. The creepy part of the photo is that the creature was absolutely fine with the fire and was not at all looking frightened.


A woman complained to the sheriff of her area that the chimp in the photo had taken away her apples from the garden. Additionally, she was trying to put charges on a monkey-like creature. However, the scholars have studied the matter and have come to the conclusion that the creature looks far different from a chimp. Thus, they have renamed it a ‘Skunk Ape’.


Solway Firth Spaceman’s picture is what everyone talks about and freaks at the same time. A spaceman could be easily seen in the picture behind the small girl. The photographer and a historian knew as Jim Templeton took this photo of her young girl. He furthermore adds that they were accompanied by none on that day! Creepy, No?