17 Photos That North Korea Would Never Allow You To Have A Look At Them

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Marijuana is easily available

You would never face any problem in buying Marijuana here in North Korea as it is available chiefly. People who go to North Korea are always in shock to find that there are absolutely no legislations in terms of curbing the use of Marijuana. Even if there are rules, they are not enforced at all. However, it is not clear that the easiness of the rules is only for visitors or for everyone. Apart from that, methamphetamines are totally banned here.


Guides are a must if you are visiting North Korea

Photo – cnn.com

One important fact that you would have to keep in mind while visiting North Korea is that a guide will definitely be a part of your journey. You can never simply say ‘No’ to this facility. Thus, in such cases, you are unable to enjoy the experience of exploring the Country as the guide will stick to you wherever you go. A photographer namely Michal Huniewicz reflected upon his visit to North Korea and said that the guides were too clingy that they even dictated them when to sleep and when to wake-up.

You can see the soldiers everywhere you point your eyes at

Photo –kpbs.org

As mentioned above that the Country is highly active in building-up their armed forces. Thus, you would see a soldier every now and then and wherever you go! There are around 1.2 Million active soldiers, serving the Country. The soldiers of the army are known as the Korean’s People Army, abbreviated as KPA. The largest branch of KPA consists of around one million army men.

Restrictions on getting a haircut

Photo – listamaze.com

No matter whatever hairstyle you might prefer, you can never get it in North Korea until you shift out of here! On the strict orders of Kim Jong-Un, if you are a male, you got to copy your leader’s hairstyle. Also, if you are a female resident of North Korea then you got to follow the hairstyle of Kim’s wife. Otherwise, you can opt for one of the styles from the agreed 14 styles.

The natives and the visitors have to go to different shops in order to buy things

Photo – Michael Huniewicz/Mikey.me

Yes, you heard it right! If you are a visitor, you are not allowed to shop from the same store from which a local is shopping and vice versa! Michal Huniewicz was removed from the shop instantly as he tried to shop from the store that was confined to the locals. Whenever you are visiting the Country. You have to get in touch with the authorities in order to make them aware of your plan. So, let the authorities know where you are going to shop next!