30 Celebrities Who Are Totally Changed during Quarantine

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Is it true that well-known celebrities are just as good as ordinary people?

Compare the photos below to see if you can accept this

You can see that their looks, style, and style have completely changed.

However, you might be shocked seeing the stark difference in the before lockdown vs. after photos of your cherished celebs. They have all changed.

Emma Roberts

Katy Perry


Billie Eilish

DJ Khaled

Kristen Bell

Salma Hayek

Jim Carrey

Gal Gadot

Dua Lipa

Ryan Reynolds

Selena Gomez

Hilary Duff

Taika Waititi


Julia Roberts


Antonio Banderas

Florence Pugh

Armie Hammer

Kylie Jenner

Drew Barrymore


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson


Cardi B


Elle Fanning


Helen Mirren

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ali Wong

Tracee Ellis Ross

Will Smith


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