6 Tips For DIY Haircut For Men

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If you are a boy and are willing to save a few bucks by cutting your hair at home, then just remember that it is easy. There is no rocket-science involved in cutting hair by your own self right at your home. Even if you are a girl and your boyfriend asks you to cut their hair, just go ahead and do not panic.

In fact, people have said to cut their own hair better than any of the hair salon. So, just pull some courage and get your job started. Also, you do not require any sort of practice for it. You can even cut your hair quite decently right at the first attempt. Thus, put faith in yourself!

Plus, you have to make sure that you are cutting your hair just when they are at a medium length because when your hair will start growing heavily, it is going to be a bit difficult to handle the volume as a newbie.

Plus, when you have YouTube, most of your worries fade away. YouTube is a complete teacher that helps in fulfilling all the DIY endeavors. So, do not think twice and take your decision now.

Still, if you are confused and are hesitant to go ahead with the DIY haircut, then stick to our blog. We are going to give you 6 worthy tips for cutting your own hair right at your home that too quite professionally.

So, here we go!

Tools are your best friend

If you are looking for an undercut, then a good clipper is what you require. If the clipper is good and fine, your options would be limitless and you would be able to pick and choose. If you are fond of excessive fades, then you might require a more versatile clipper kit, consisting of several guards.

However, if fades are not what you are looking for, then any standard clipper kit would do the job for you. All the basic clipper kits consist of a few guards through which your job would be done and dusted. Plus, do not forget to bag some haircutting scissors. Those are important and cannot be ignored!

Make sure that your hair is clean

Before getting a haircut, you need to clean your hair thoroughly. So, shampoo your hair before planning to cut your hair. It becomes really difficult to get a haircut on dirty hair. The next step is to damp the hair and brush them finely. You would want the clippers to work really swiftly and glide into your hair without getting stuck at any point.

Thus, if you feel that your hair is dirty, wash them properly. Then, leave your hair to dry. You can even use a towel or hair dryer to dry your hair quickly. Now, start with dampening your hair with the help of a spray bottle. When your hair is cleaner, the scissors and all the other tools really work well and the outcome is also quite what you are looking for!

Go with the flow

When you have taken the decision of cutting your own hair, there remain no ifs and buts! Now, you have to trust the process and feel your gut, while going smoothly with the flow. Yes, we believe that cutting your own hair or cutting someone else’s hair is a technical task, especially when you have never done it before and it could go wrong if you do not believe your own instinct. But, once you have started it, there is no stopping to it. Additionally, one thing must be kept in mind that you are only cutting hair. So, even if there is a bad cut, the hair would eventually grow. No big deal!

Go after the lines

While cutting hair, the basic and the most essential tip is to go after the lines. Plus, when you are in need of the same haircut as you have got before, the smoothest road to success is to follow the lines without getting disturbed. Start to use the clippers on the side part and the back part. These are the easiest parts to get started with. Now, approach towards the biggest guard and if you think that it needs a cut, then proceed accordingly.

Then, as you go ahead with the top part, just pull the hair between your fingers and start cutting the ends slowly and politely with a lot of love and care. It is best to cut in small sections when you are doing it for the first time. It might take a bit of extra time. But, in the end, it would be worth the time and effort. Also, try to cut vertically instead of defining a line across. If you have shears, then use them in order to bring dense texture to the hair. It will also help in making your ends look better.

Looking for a fade effect? Here is the tip!

If you are thinking that the fade effect is really not possible to have at home while cutting your own hair, then you are wrong. The fade effect can be easily acquired on each side if you sue the longer guards, a bit closer to the top layer, medium one in the middle, and the short one at the base of your hair. Plus, make sure that you do not approach in straight lines.

It really does not look appealing at all. Instead, you can try to go a bit curvy for a more rigid and an immersive look. Now, the task is to remove the guards and clean up the hair present around the ears. Also, the neck hairs must be removed thoroughly as they totally destroy a well-groomed look. So, they must be removed completely.

Buzzcut is your last option

In the end, when you have done everything that you could do and are still not happy with the outcome, then you can go ahead and give yourself a buzzcut. Also, we are trapped in our homes due to social distancing so no one would actually see and have a chance to laugh on you. Thus, buzzcut is your last resort if you are really unhappy with your haircut.

Plus, we have been telling you and we will again say that hair grows out eventually, so there is no need to panic. Buzzcut does not even look that bad, especially when your hair starts growing, they grow with a lot more volume and a better texture. So, a buzzcut is never too wrong. For getting a buzzcut, you need to put on a guard for the top layer so that it is at least a bit longer than the sides and will make you look better.


So, here we have come to an end of our short but simple list of tips and tricks that guided you to cut your own hair by your own self. We repeat, it is not even close to being hard in the first place. You just need to instill some confidence in yourself and start. That is it! But, do not forget to re-read our tips and tricks. These are definitely going to help you.