7 Fish That Can Live Without Water

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What is that first thing that comes to your mind while you think of fish? Water? Isn’t it?

Yes, we do think that fish can’t survive without water. Water is the main habitat of all sorts of fish. However, the reality is different and could blow your mind away. Well, God has created distinct types of fish that can even survive without water!

Mainly, the amphibious fish are the kind of fish that can live without water. Fish usually make use of their gills to breathe but a few of them can breathe in air.

So, let’s have a look at 7 of those fish that can ace without water as well. Here we go!


Rockskipper is also known as Coral Blenny. It is a specie of a long fish that is found in tropical, sub-tropical harbors as well as in the freshwaters. Rockskipper is a name given to these fish because of their habit to skip between limestone pools in order to have a feast of algae. Now, here comes the most important part, can these fish live water? Absolutely!

As long as Rocksipper is moist, it can easily survive hours outside water without any problems whatsoever. Rockskipper is amazing fish out of all!

They not only can survive without water for long hours but they can even forage and mate on land, making it a unique fish that lives proudly without water!

Woolly Sculpin

Being excellent survivors, these fish can endure drastic temperature changes without even any minor issue. These fish have been known to leave the water and wander on lands in order to search for new homes. It has been said that Woolly Sculpin can live up to 24 hours without water. Basically, these fish leave water in a bid to find a new home because, in their older homes, the oxygen levels drop due to which it gets difficult for them to stay. Hence, they move out and search for new homes and skip water to live a few moments on land.

When these fish are trying to survive on land, they breathe 71% of the oxygen through their gills and oral membranes while the rest of the 29% of the oxygen is breathed through their skin. Diversity in terms of oxygen breathing helps them to survive on land easily!

In fact, for Woolly Sculpin, it is much easier to breathe in the open air as compared to breathing in water because of the fact that in air, oxygen is available in abundance.

Eel Catfish

Eel Catfish are famously named among fish that breathe air just like us humans and other animals. The species of fish are known as Clariidae that appears on land from time to time. These fish also stay outside water and survive because of their moist skin. However, as their skin starts to become dry, they feel the need to get into the water again!

These fish feel the urge to go on land when there are drought-like conditions and the river-beds get dried-up. So, they opt to get out of the water and stay on land for as long as their skin is moist. They can stay wet for months or even years which helps them to survive on land and look for new habitat.

Therefore, the adaptable nature of Eel Catfish proves beneficial for them as they survive without water!

Climbing Perch

From Papua New Guinea, the Climbing Perch migrated to Australia and can walk on land easily because of their strong spines, located on their pectoral fins so that they can travel to other waterholes. Interestingly, these fish can stay out of water for up to 6 days. Plus, these fish can hibernate for even longer periods in mud while waiting for the water to return. The fish can prove to be really dangerous for other species as they are known to feast upon other fish, birds and they don’t even leave turtles behind, playing a strong role in destroying Australia’s ecosystem.

Climbing Perch has gills as well as lungs just like us human beings which assists them in breathing outside water. It has been said that Climbing Perch can survive up to 6 days without water as mentioned above but they nearly survive for 6 months, hibernating in the muddy environments.

6 MONTHS! Can you believe it?

Climbing Perch, when comes to stay on land, moves around and can even climb trees. Just imagine a fish climbing a tree! Wouldn’t that be a sight to witness once in a lifetime?

Well, the fish can easily choke birds and other fish as it is quite life-threatening fish! The fish is so precarious that nothing could stop it!


The snakehead fish is a freshwater fish that are known to grow for up to four feet long. They are commonly found in the waters of Florida. The snakehead goes on a trip on the land, keeps moving freely, grab any small animal to eat and reproduce at a great pace. These fish can live up to 3 days without water. As they reproduce so quickly, they have been deemed as “indestructible”. Plus, these fish are so dangerous that they can even attack human beings.

Snakehead fish needs to remain moist in order to survive outside water. They have an air bladder which is similar to the lungs. The air bladder lets them breathe air. During drought, the fish can go inside the mud and stay there for a good while.

In mud, it might seem immobile but it will be alive. The authorities of Florida have ordered to identify such fish and kill it there if possible because these fish can be highly unsafe and hazardous for the human environment.

Mangrove Rivulus

Mangrove Rivulus is an amazing type of small tropical killifish that can live without water too. Apart from water, it can live on several odd places such as in shallow pools of water, in crab burrows, in coconut shells, or even in old beer cans. They mainly stay in tropical mangrove swamps of Belize, the United States, and Brazil.

However, when their habitat becomes dry, they need to relocate as soon as possible. Therefore, they have been gifted with the ability to survive without water. So, they start living on the land in logs.

They very quickly reproduce. Hence, they form a group and live together with other such fish in logs which are hollowed by insects so that they can easily breathe air. Nonetheless, when they find water again, they prefer to move in water quickly.

West African Lungfish

For West African Lungfish, water is fantastic but mud is even better! Yes, like all the other fish mentioned above, the Lungfish can easily survive on land without feeling the need for water. These fish live for a long period of time, sometimes nearly 400 years. This is the reason, these fish are termed as “living fossils”.

You must be wondering that how can these fish live for so long! Well, interestingly, these fish are extremely adaptive to a variety of natures. If water is not available, no problem, they can live on land without any fuss!

Basically, these fish have two lungs like us human beings. Hence, now you would know why they are named as “Lungfish”. So, they breathe air easily. While they have two lungs, they also have gills. Therefore, you can say that Lungfish are made for water as well as land!

The Bottom Line

So, here we have come to an end of our list that showed you 7 astonishing types of fish that can survive easily without water for a good period of time. I hope the list must have blown your minds away as no one could ever think of fish without water. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below!