7 K-Pop Celebrities Who Took Their Lives While Dealing With Depression

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Park Yong-ha

Park Yong-ha was the popular star of the drama series Winter Sonata. After the successful drama series, he released his own album as a singer. He had no history of depression. But, he was under immense pressure to handle his entertainment company while dealing with his ailing father. His father was suffering from cancer. It was hard for him to supervise his own career as his dad’s health slumped way further.

He spent his last few moments with his father and apologized to him deeply. After that, his mother found him hanging with an electrical cord. He was 32 years of age at that time.

Choi Jin-ri aka Sulli

Sulli was an extremely vital part of the K-Pop group known as f(x). Nonetheless, she became a soloist afterward. She was absolutely honest and opinionated about the mental stresses, social media bullying, harassment and women’s rights which is unlikely among the K-Pop stars. Her blunt comments received hostile responses and the netizens did not spare her.

She was catcalled on several occasions, being termed as talentless and ugly. Online hate only increased day after day. No matter what she does, she received hate and negativity. Slowly and gradually, the hate accumulated in her head in such a way that she was unable to tackle in anymore.

The police found her dead in her apartment with no pieces of evidence of foul play. As she had always mentioned that she dealt with depression, she posted many heart-numbing videos of how she dealt with her depression, everyone terms her death as a suicide.

She was 25 years of age at that time.

Kim Jonghyun

The main singer of the renowned boy band known as SHINee took his own life as he dealt with depression. He was not only a part of the famous boy band. Rather he was also a soloist. He left a suicide note in which he mentioned that he was ‘broken inside’ and he ‘couldn’t fight it anymore’.

He left his fans saddened who suggested that the over-competitiveness in the K-Pop industry took his life. According to the reports, he was found unconscious in a hotel room in Seoul. A coal briquette burning on a frying pan was also found that is considered to be a common method used by the South Koreans to takes their lives.

However, he was taken to the hospital immediately but was pronounced dead. He was only 27 years of age at that time.

Goo Hara

The multi-talented Goo Hara was an excellent singer, actress and an extremely important part of the girl group known as KARA. She was also a close friend of Sulli. She attempted suicide 6 months before her death. Similar to her friend, she was also quite outspoken about several matters such as women’s rights and dealing with depression.

Due to her being extremely forthright, she received immense criticism on social media. The online hate devastated her so much so that it became unbearable for her. The netizens have a popular history of treating the male and female celebs in a different manner. On this very occasion, they did the same which absolutely shattered the confidence of Goo Hara and she went onto deal with excessive depression.

According to the reports, she was found dead in her home, nearly after 6 weeks of the suspected suicide of her friend Sulli.

She left a heart-shattering post on her Instagram with the words ‘Goodbye’. She was only 28 years of age at the time of her death.


South Korea is becoming notorious in terms of suicide rates increasing at a rapid pace. Common people of South Korea, as well as the pop stars, have taken their lives, owing to depression and several other worries.

It is an alarming situation for the officials of South Korea who must do something to bring down the rapidly increasing rate of suicides. Additionally, it is your responsibility to calm the people down and offer them help if they are dealing with depression.