7 Lethal Epidemics of the History

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With Covid’19 in its full swing, taking the lives of a number of people, it is important to shed light on the epidemics of the history that nearly ruined humanity. Also, sitting idle in isolation should be productive. So, you can dig deep in order to enlighten yourself about the history of deadly epidemics. This is the reason that we have formulated a good read for you. In order to know about the lethal epidemics of the past, just keep on reading!

Right from the time of the existence of earth, we have gone through tough times in the form of epidemics and pandemics. Such epidemics have been constantly changing the way we live and the way we think. Also, after an epidemic hits the world, the financial crises begin. People start losing their jobs and companies rapidly shut down their affairs.

Scientists and medical practitioners say that humanity faces a pandemic after every 100 years. Thus, it is significant to stay prepared and anticipate such pandemics time and again. However, all these epidemics or pandemics consist of some novelty factor due to which it becomes hard and time-consuming to create an antidote to the disease.

So, let’s have a look at 7 of the lethal epidemics of the history that still send shivers down our spine just as we discuss them. Let’s start!

The Plague of Justinian

The Plague of Justinian was actually the first encounter with the Bubonic Plague. Entire Europe got badly affected due to the outbreak of the plague. In fact, nearly half of the population of Europe saw its deadly end. The Plague is named after the Emperor of Byzantine, known as Justinian. He was a great ruler and spread his rule to a number of areas. Plus, the great Cathedral, known as Hagia Sophia is also built by him in Turkey. Justinian was also a victim of this disease.

However, he recovered from it. But, his empire experienced a very bad downfall due to the epidemic’s outbreak. 25 A million Casualties were recorded which created a hard situation to handle at that time.

The plague caused the trade to literally come to a full stop. Tax revenues were not generated due to a number of deaths. The crops were also destroyed, bringing drought in Byzantine. Byzantine Empire faced a very difficult time due to the outbreak of the plague. Justinian tried to fix the situation by bringing in the new legislation. However, it was not that easy to bring everything on track by just implementing new legislation.

The Flu Pandemic

The Flue Pandemic emerged in 1918. It was due to an influenza strain that killed around 20 to 50 Million people. The pandemic reached one place to another at a very brisk speed. Subsequently, it reached all over the globe and wreaked havoc everywhere. Initial cases were reported in Russia. However, the virus was quick enough to reach Europe and thereafter, the rest of the world. All sorts of people were affected by the virus, be it minors or elders. Around 20% of the people use to die of the disease if they were diagnosed with it. So, the mortality rate was quite higher.

The Black Plague

The Black Plague is one of the most famous epidemics of history. It is discussed and portrayed in several books and movies all the time. It was the strain of the Bubonic Plague that killed a huge number of people. It is said that the plague arrived in Europe after 12 ships from the Black Sea were docked at the Sicilian port of Messina in October 1347. The ships carried rats and fleas that were already infected. So, from them, the virus spread towards humans and huge chaos got erupted in the world. It was a highly fatal pandemic, killing around 75 to 200 Million people.

The life of the people completely changed after the Black Plague. Several people died which included a lot of labors. Thus, the industries experienced a downfall. Europe, Asia, and Africa were the main places to have experienced a rough time due to the outbreak of the Black Plague.