7 Reasons Why The Men Do Not Marry The Women They Date

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There can be so many instances in which the couple broke up after spending a long time with each other. After that, the guy found someone else and married them instantly. It happens everywhere and raises some serious questions like “What went wrong that the madly in love couple did not end up getting married and chose someone else to spend the rest of the lives with”? “Why the girl did not get the diamond, while the other girl got it surprisingly fast”?

The logic of men is difficult to comprehend when it comes to building a relationship and ultimately getting married.

So, today we are going to investigate why the men do not end up marrying the women they date.

So, let’s begin!


The notion of “the right woman” does not exist. While it is important to be with the right man at the right time.

On social media, there was a trending topic related to the guy’s choices. It said that men do not get married when they meet the right match. Rather they marry when they are ready to hold onto a relationship. A Twitter user shared some interesting insights about the topic and involved others also. Almost all the men commented that they regret breaking up a relationship in which they had invested several of their precious years. But, it did not stop them from finding another woman to get married to.

There is another popular trigger that persuades the men to get married: When men see that their ideal girl is getting married and she might not be in their destiny, they also jump onto the bandwagon and decide to get married. In such a case, the men think that they have definitely lost the girl so it is better to move on and to search through the available options. Thus, it proves that the men do not wait for “the right match” but they become happy with whatever they get!

There are a number of studies that depict the right age for getting married and starting a family. They say that it is from 28 to 32. So, once this time has passed, the chances of a man getting married would drop. Also, once the guy reaches the age of 42, the chances of him getting married become 0.


There is no way to make a relationship successful based on the extra looks of the women.

Everything looks good when it is done in moderation. Especially, when it comes to the liking of the men, they always prefer their women to look good but not go over the top in terms of sexual appeal. Studies have shown that those couples are the happiest in which the women are more beautiful than men.

However, John T. Molloy (the author of the book Why Men Marry Some Woman and Not Others) is of the thought that the woman must not appear to be vulgar. John T. Molloy surveys around 3500 men and asked them to describe their brides. Only 20% of the men described their brides in words like gorgeous, sexy, or sensual to define women’s appearances. While the other 80% of the men discussed the traits of their women.

Men said that they want their women to look classy and presentable. But, they would never want them to go over-the-board in making up themselves. Another popular opinion was: A woman should look such that it does not become a shame for the men to appear with them.

The views of friends and family become crucial in making the decision.

If you find a man who looks extremely independent, even then he would need the support of his family and friends in order to reach a decision, especially while selecting the girl to get married to. The man’s friends and family become highly influential as he chooses a girl for himself. In a number of occurrences, the boy’s friends make him fall in love with a girl. Apart from that, the man’s parents also prove to be quite decisive in bringing home a daughter-in-law. Generally, the majority of the parents do not approve of the girl that their son brings home.


Men are quite sure that the women they are dating, do not want to get married.

It is a simple trait of a woman that she does not voice their opinion quite often and want the men to understand themselves. Especially, when the question is regarding the wedding. However, the men would never know if the women are not voicing her opinion. So, they become quite sure that it is not the right time to get married. Men are not so good at reading between the lines. Thus, they would not get any sort of signal from the women if the women are not clear-cut about it. It leads to a number of breakups, making the men realize that they should have comprehended the need for marriage.

Therefore, in the very next relationship, the men would be highly cautious and would be super quick in making a decision. There are a few studies that show that if there are not enough arguments at the beginning of a relationship then the relationship does not last long. So, people just go ahead and express their opinions. The women who do not show their demands, end up being lonely. 73% of the women say that they forced their men to get married instead of just waiting for the men to propose on their own.


If you are living together, your chances of getting married to each other decline by 50%.

The idea of living together might appeal. Most men propose their women after 22 months of a relationship. However, the chances decline by 30% as time goes. So, 3 years later, the chances would be only 50%. Finally, after 7 years, the chances of getting married would be 0%.

Women think that living together is appreciable in order to start a family. Nonetheless, the men have totally contradicting opinions.

A woman seems good at present but not for the future.

A man always looks for motivation through the woman. So, when he is struggling in his life, he sought help and support from his girl. The man requires someone to stay with them when they battle for a good job, a nice home and a well-settled life- but only temporarily.

Thus, if the woman is not challenging his guy to achieve more and more, the man is likely to withdraw from such a woman.


Not all relationships result in a happy marriage

Girls suppose that if a guy shows interest in them, they are likely to get married to him. However, the truth is not all relationships end up in a marriage. Women think that if a relationship goes long, there will be a definite marriage. However, men are totally opposite of this opinion. The misunderstanding between the sexes separates the people, sailing in a long relationship.


So, here we have come to an end. It is quite difficult to analyze the logic of men about their decision to get married. Nonetheless, we hope that our blog would help you out!

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  1. one of the most important reason, that a man dating a girl and make a sexual relationship with her before marriage, he will be satisfied sexually and no longer seeking her, and try to find another girl unfortunately.

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