7 Reasons Why Women Hide Their Age Or Lie About Their Age

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Age fabrication is quite a popular phenomenon that mostly occurs in women. Women tend to hide their age or even lie about their age because of a number of reasons. Society pressures, insecurities, discrimination, and multiple other thoughts force women to shy away when it comes to their ages.

Although, all of you would have definitely heard about the fact that age is just a number. Then, why women are so determined to mask their age?

Today, we are going to take a look at 7 reasons because of which women deliberately hide and lie about their age!

So, let’s start without making you wait further!

To avoid being misjudged at work

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It is age-old thinking that young women generally look smarter and gain more attention than older women. However, we are living in the 21st Century where nearly everything is possible. Thus, women carry themselves so beautifully that they look young and fresh all the time. No matter whatever their age is, they conduct themselves gracefully.

But, at workplaces, women are simply judged because of their age. So, if you are above 35, you are automatically deemed to be unfit for the job and some young girl takes your place thereby! This is one of the biggest reason why women are forced to lie about their age.

To interact with mature men

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Women have always idolized grown-up and mature men. Nonetheless, mature men continually hit on women of the same age. They ignore the women who look childish and might be not prepared for the upcoming sequences of life.

Thus, most of the young women have to hide their age in order to find a mature man. Women lie about their ages and pretend to be a fully grown-up adult so that they have a chance to hook with a stable and mature man.