7 Reasons Why Women Hide Their Age Or Lie About Their Age

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To find the perfect match

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An epidemic of our society is that the mothers of the to-be-grooms prefer young girls for the wedlock as they think that young girls look beautiful. Also, they have to portray the bride as a showpiece in front of their friends and family members. Thus, if anyone says that your daughter-in-law looks quite a grown-up, then the mothers have to go through a lot of embarrassment.

The mothers demand women who are well-educated, beautiful, skinny and most of all young. Therefore, due to the immense pressure on women growing up, they lie about their age. This is how women can welcome perfect matches for themselves by merely hiding their age.

To find the right job

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There have been a number of requirements in the workplace regarding age, especially when it comes to women. Most of the companies demand sensible, grown-up, experienced and mature women who are able to handle the ongoing chores of the company. Hence, the companies equate brilliance with age and issue a minimum age requirement that becomes a must in order to serve in the company.

So, in order to avoid injustice, the women very subtly reduce their ages since, at the end of the day, they also have the responsibility to grow in the society and to earn a good wage.

To avoid societal pressures

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Unfortunately, the society in which we live has different rules for men and totally different rules for women. Men are supposed to be insoluble even after they commit hundreds and thousands of mistakes. However, if by mistake a woman repeats the act, they are considered to be accountable for their deed. The society goes after the woman and treats her like a stepchild.

Accordingly, in order to get away with the pressures of society, women tend to hide their ages as they do not want to be judged. So, if a certain woman is not married and is 35 already, society would torment her by asking again and again that why you are not married even at this age! Another instance that could be seen in our society is that people keep on asking married women why they are not conceiving even they are quite aged and are married for many years now!

These are just a few examples. There are multiple other examples that could be discussed within the shadow of this topic.