7 Things The Moon Is Known To Affect In Your Life

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We have been looking at the moon with a lot of intensity and curiosity due to the fact that it lights up our world in complete darkness of the night. Moon is known to create special cycles that inspire us psychologically and socially without letting us aware of this fact. Nonetheless, not everyone believes in the cycles of the moon. But, it doesn’t stop the moon from affecting us and becoming the main source of influence in our life.

Especially, when it comes to our mood and behavior, we are highly moved due to the strong presence of moon cycles that occur every now and then!

Without a doubt, the moon has a very strong impact on our emotions. Also, according to several of the Native traditions, it is important that you must abide by the lunar cycles for completing a few specific chores. It is never recommended that you go against them.

So, right at KSM Globe, let’s discuss 7 of the most significant things that have been affected by the moon in our life.

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Feminine powers

In many renowned cultures, we come across the fact that the moon is a powerful feminine energy that directly influences the timing of our life and death. The fact is quite intriguing and scares us a lot. However, natural objects are known to possess power that can become an authority over us. Such natural powers are associated with our unconscious and drive us without making us aware of it.

The moon was and is always connected to our inner self and our emotional body. All of these are feminine traits.

It is the main reason behind women taking much more effect of the moon cycles as compared to men.

Emotional tides

Moon is also responsible for creating tides on earth. Everyone knows this thing! The breathtaking movement of the water is directly dependent on the moon. This is also a fact that affects our mood and behavior because our bodies are mainly composed of water. So, we can actually feel the tidal pulls in one way or the other.

The new moon and the full moon are especially important because they mark the beginning and the end of moon cycles as well the lowest and highest tides. Hence, during the new moon and full moon, we might be at a completely different level of experiencing our emotions.

In simple words, our emotions also go through highs and lows just like the tides!

Full moon

Well, you cannot blame the moon for every high and low that you might experience. But, the moon is actually quite a decider when it comes to evoking our suppressed emotions. Also, the moon is renowned to convert our weak emotions into stronger ones. The full moon is so beautiful. It is so majestic and illuminating that it wipes out the darkness of the night single-handedly. Plus, it gets rid of darkness incorporated within us.

So, during this phase of the moon, the good and bad emotions within human beings become even stronger, creating a chaotic state of mind. However, we should not take it negatively. Instead, it should become an opportunity for us to revisit the hidden things and bring our positivity from them!

Apart from that, we must live through our emotions, even if they are negative. Negativity could only be reduced if we face it and do something against it!

We often neglect ourselves. Nonetheless, during the full moon, we must make our bodies the first priority. During the full moon, people can experience anxiety and tensions. So, in such a phase, you should take extra care of yourselves.

New moon

The new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. It is time to enter into a new and fresh phase of reflecting upon yourself and your behavior. In such a phase, it is normal that you don’t feel like attending parties and don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. Your first and foremost preference would be to go on a journey and experience your own inner self completely!

It’s a phase when you decide to spend time alone in order to explore your own heart and mind. You might prefer to stay at home or go somewhere in a really peaceful location but alone!

You look around at nature in order to find answers to the questions that have been disturbing you for quite a while. Both genders experience the feminine energy of the moon. So, it is not merely associated with women and bring an equal effect on both men and women.

If you follow the moon cycles, you’ll be happy, calm, and excited in order to spend some time alone and break free from all the tension of the world.

Re-connect with your body

Moon cycles, as mentioned above, are known to influence your emotions and behaviors. Hence, at this very time, you get to know about the things that are demanded by your body and heart. These are the things that are truly needed and other things are just to fill the gap. So, try to gather as much information as you can in order to know what you love the most!

We have always been relying on our minds to tell us what things we should choose. However, our body and heart go along with different lines and bring the answers on their own!

Our bodies and heart when influenced by the moon tells us about the much-needed things that might be more advantageous to us! Maybe our body is demanding lighter meals, some extra sleep, a small vacation alone, or simply our body might want to go away from all the stresses and fears of the world.

Our hectic life never lets us experience calmness and tranquility. So, we keep on living the old-school in which we are in constant pressure to win. Sometimes, it is better to stop and ponder for a while! This is the point where these moon cycles become our savior!

These moon cycles instill us with important information regarding what we actually require. So, enhancing, rebooting, or revamping our lifestyle could do the trick and make us happy all over again. At the end of the day, we’ll have enough information about what should be kept and what should be abandoned.

Women’s cycle

To be honest, it can’t be a coincidence that the moon’s cycle is the same as the menstrual cycle of women- about 28 days, more or less! According to science, the moon’s cycle is equal to the menstrual cycle of a woman, if that woman is wholly healthy and fit!

Our cycles are known to start with the moon. But, due to many hindrances such as irregular sleeping patterns, late-night city rhythms, and an unhealthy diet we are not anymore connected with the natural rhythms. So, our body cycles have to go through a shift which is highly not something to be fond of! Instead, it should be our priority to match our cycle to that of the moon.

In many Native American cultures, it is said that women are on her sensitivity peak while experiencing a menstrual cycle which is also closely connected to the moon. It is the main reason behind creating a special Moon Lodge where women can stay during their menstrual cycle.

The time spent in a Moon Lodge is calm and relaxed where you don’t have to do anything apart from resting completely. You can sit back and relax while watching a movie or reading a book or simply revisiting the things that you missed the most.

It is also a perfect time to look around and gaze the Mother Earth and look for a fresh perspective!

Things you can do

New moon and growing moon are two essential phases that provide you with more energy. You would come across the fact that during the waxing moon, you will start new projects, good news will await you, new plans will be formed and many more things will be implemented. You are likely to go out on different adventures and take trips during this time.

Also, it is recommended that you form plans at this very time because it is a good time to initiate new ideas that will become a great force in the near future. Nevertheless, starting something new could be exciting and anxious for you at the same time because we have never experienced the new things that we planned for ourselves. So, it does make us nervous and exhilarating simultaneously!

So, stay motivated and focused during this phase and eliminate all the negative energy. Eventually, you’ll be able to achieve whatever you strived for!

The Bottom Line

So, here we have come to the end. We can surely assume that now you know how powerful the moon could be in deciding various things regarding our mood and emotions. We hope that you enjoyed it and made yourself fully aware of the moon and its impact on our life.