8 weird products that actually women spend money on

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Do you believe that a woman will spend around $15,000 on only daily makeup . Actually it’s true and women also spend for weird products according to their rabbits .

Below there are 10 weird products that actually women spend money on.

RAD Emergency Bra



The stylish bra transforms into gas mask with independent strap systems.This 20 years experience in research invested by Dr. Elena Bodnar who wa founder and president of the trauma risk management research institute in Chicago Just an object but it’s can save a life .

Go Girl


This sound weird but some girl really want to try this at least once and this hefty tube for women pee standing up .



This is so simple thing but it will show a camel toe suit in any type of panties or trousers . You can only get clothing in your size .

Ta-ta towels

Do all women Even know there were towels made for specific body parts ?yeah there are boob towel that supported dryness is their message think .

Lipstick Helper

Every girl dream of perfect plump lips . If you don’t want to spend for times for plump lips , you can easily use this lipstick helper .

Side sleep boob pillow

Side Sleep Boob Support Pillow

Do you think girls really need this side sleep boob pillow to prevent their boobs smashing the others one while they’re asleep .

Smile trainer

I want to really appreciate this product to help how a woman to smile prettiest ! I means perfect smile !

Heel condoms

It’s a simple protective cover for heels . It’s also colourful a fashion trends . Make- out practice pillow This pillows is astonishing popularity . As a human everybody gets lonely and this pillows will help you sometimes.