9 Unique Ways of Making Salad that You Will Definitely Love To Eat

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During the times of social distancing, the salad might be not on your mind. However, it is important to curb the need for nutrients that are required by your body in order to stay strong and happening especially during these difficult times. So, a bowl of salad is what you would need!

Eating good and healthy food is not only significant for your physical health. Rather, your mental health gets improved too. Apart from that, in times of pandemic and social distancing, you need to stay extremely positive. So, healthy food is going to literally transform your negative thoughts into positive ones.

So, today we have brought to you a few of the amazing ways of making a salad bowl that will fulfill all your cravings while providing a good taste to your mouth. Also, if you put a little bit of effort and make your salad bowl look appealing, then you would definitely want to eat it without wasting a minute.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s discuss 9 ways to uniquely create your salad bowl extremely appetizing, yummy, and fulfilling at the same time. Here we go!

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

A superfood salad could be a good option

A superfood salad bowl looks so beautiful that you start drooling right from the time you have a look at it. It consists of a lot of color, protein, fruits, and some extra bit of crunch. Thus, you would never require bread and there will be no reason to complain while devouring the bowl of goodness.

A superfood salad is a very versatile salad bowl in which you can add several ingredients of your choice such as seeds, and proteins. The best protein could be salmon or chicken, anything that you prefer! Also, you can try pomegranate, kale, and quinoa salad, having salmon as the main in it, including some appetizing dressing as well.

Add some good amount of fruits

It would be a very good combination if you add some fruits in your bowl of salad. A few people might never like the idea of including fruits in their salads. However, fruits are the best form of gaining the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, your salad bowl suddenly starts looking so beautiful by just adding a few of the fruits. Strawberries could be a great option for enhancing your salad bowl.

Also, strawberries go really well with kale and spinach. You can also add quinoa in this particular recipe of the salad. Additionally, if you can tot up some goat cheese in it, then the salad bowl would be the best treat one can devour.

Cheese is the all-time winner

Whenever you are in doubt, just put cheese in your bowl of salad and see the magic! People who hate eating salad will also prefer to eat salad if there is cheese in it. Cheese simply redefines every recipe with a unique touch.

Nonetheless, you must choose to add some fresh ricotta or feta in your bowl of salad as the shredded cheese available in the market might not be fresh. An interesting salad bowl could consist of ricotta, broccoli, and chickpea to handle the midnight cravings.

Don’t forget to add some meat or fish in your salad bowl

It is no shame to admit that non-vegans are kind of scared to have salads in their normal routines. However, the non-vegans can turn their salad bowls into highly appetizing ones just by adding fish or meat in it. A grilled piece of chicken or fish could tempt you to have the salad bowl instantly.

Apart from that, fish or meat will also make you feel fuller because oftentimes, salad eaters complain of not being completely full. Also, protein is extremely important for your body. By having protein in your salad bowl, you will feel less hungry the entire day. A worthy option could be the Sriracha end lime chicken salad which is a thousand times better than the greasy burger at the downtown café.

Add some honey

For extra tastiness and a hint of sweetness, you can add honey at any time in your salad bowl. Do not hesitate to add honey as a few people love to devour sugary items. Also, honey is a natural ingredient that would not spoil your health at any cost.

Image by Florian Kurz from Pixabay

After preparing a yummy and a healthy bowl of salad, you can add drop some honey right on the top. On the other hand, if you add a bit of nut, the salad bowl would become a lot more lip-smacking. Honey is also known to neutralize the tangy effect. So, you can balance the tanginess of the salad bowl by adding honey.

Grill or roast the veggies

The way you prepare your veggies creates a very powerful impact on the final taste of the salad bowl. So, instead of steaming the veggies, roast, or grill your veggies because grilled or roasted veggies have no comparison with the steamed veggies.

Grilling or roasting adds a unique taste to the veggies. Plus, the texture itself becomes a lot appealing which is not the case with steamed veggies. Mix your bowl of salad with some eggplants, bell peppers, and mushrooms and add a good amount of roasted or grilled veggies on top. Also, grilled or roasted veggies quickly digest as compared to the steamed veggies.

Image by Deborah Breen Whiting from Pixabay

Diversity in beans can transform your salad bowl

Try to get familiarized with different types of beans present in the market. Many people reject the idea of adding beans into the salads. However, you need to experience the diversity of beans in order to make salad yummy and healthy. The addition of beans makes the salad bowl look quite exciting while fulfilling the necessary aspects in terms of health requirements.

Manage the temperature

You can play with temperatures while preparing a salad bowl. Adding items of different temperatures would make the salad bowl extremely fulfilling and nourishing. So, you can try the combo of some freshly roasted fish or chicken, with some chilled avocado and a dash of cucumbers on top.

The mix of ingredients with different temperatures would turn the salad bowl into a plentiful one. By doing this, the salad automatically gives a lot of good vibes and invites you to have it straight away. You can binge-watch a series while having the mixed temperature flavorful bowl of salad.

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Add a dash of spices

Spices are known to change the flavor of any dish altogether. Also, if you are looking to add different flavors to your salad bowl, you can experiment with spices. It is completely your choice to cook the protein with some tangy, spicy sauce and add a few dashes of spices on the top as well. In this manner, the spices are going to compliment the ingredients present in the bowl. Jalapenos and pickled items are famous for their tangy touch within any dish.

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So, here we have come to an end of our list which highlighted 9 unique ways of transforming your bowls of salad through which all these bowls become a lot more appetizing and scrumptious to the core. Try these unique blends of salads and let us know about your favorite hack.