9 Worst People In The World History

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This article will not focus on the appearance of people. The topic of the article is about the most terrible deeds that forever remained in history. The actions of these individuals are simply terrifying, although some of them, it would seem, are completely harmless and have brought many benefits to humanity.  We have selected 9 worst and most cruel persons in history.


No 9 – Ilse Koch

This person is known as the Buchenwald Witch. She was the wife of the Nazi Karl Otto Koch. The strangeness and cruelty of her actions were that she walked around the concentration camp naked, holding a whip in her hand. If there were daredevils who decided to look at her, they were immediately shot.  She chose prisoners with the most beautiful tattoos and, after the murder, cut them out and made lampshades for her house, but it was not proved.  After the WW2, in 1967, she was arrested. Soon, she committed suicide by hanging herself in her cell.

No  8 – Shiro Ishii

Microbiologist and general of the biological warfare in the Japanese imperial army, which existed during the second Sino-Japanese army.  The atrocities of this man were hundreds of victims. He conducted experiments on living people, including pregnant women. The studies consisted of testing various diseases, vaccinations, viruses.  The studies were not hidden and were applied cynically and cruelly. He also tested on living people the effectiveness of grenades and grenade launchers.  Shirou did not receive a single day of imprisonment for his crimes, as he received immunity from the American occupation authorities. At the age of 67, he dies of throat cancer.

No 7 – Ivan the Terrible


The Grand Duke of Moscow, who ruled from 1533 to 1547. The first to take the title of king. His cruelty was that he killed his son with a severe blow to the head and beat his daughter-in-law for wearing immodest clothes, after which she had a miscarriage.    The Russian Tsar preferred to use several methods of execution, which were ruthless. One of the favorite methods of execution was directly called sheathed in a bear when a man was dressed up in the bear’s skin and the angry dogs were let down. Animals quickly tear their victim to pieces, and she was dying from terrible torment.  Also, his army was particularly cruel when committing the Novgorod campaign because of suspicion of local authorities in treason.