Coronavirus: Infected people seen ‘dead in streets’ in Wuhan, Chinese city dubbed ‘Zombieland’

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WARNING WORRY CONTENT:  Pictures have appearing medics in hazmat suits and gas masks tending to people who appear to have collapsed on the street in Wuhan, China.


This footage shows people collapsed in the streets and as they’re treated by medics in hazmat suits in Wuhan, China.

People can be seen lying motionless on the ground in the city, Wuhan which has been placed on lockdown following the outbreak of a coronavirus outbreak.


Wuhan pneumonia is the name for a new coronavirus which has struck down 41 people since breaking out in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has been dubbed ‘Zombieland’.

Now a distressing video clip has been posted on Instagram showing medics in hazmat suits and gas masks tending to man dressed in a suit lying face down.

It comes as Public Health England confirmed the number of people being tested for the disease in the UK has risen to 14.



These pictures have shown medics in hazmat suits and gas masks tending to a man dressed in a suit lying face down. (Image: Instagram)


A picture has also been posted on Instagram shows a man lying flat on his back outside a shop as a medic kitted up in a hazmat suit stands over him.

Witnesses claim the victim, who was wearing a protective mask, lost consciousness and collapsed while waiting in line for paperwork.

The harrowing scene was witnessed by six people who were wearing white masks.

The deadly coronavirus, which has already killed 25 people, could have been spread by bat soup.

China confirmed 830 cases of the virus so far and 25 deaths recently.

Symptoms include a fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties and in more severe cases, it can cause pneumonia severe acute respiratory symptoms and as kidney failure.