Every muslim should visit this place, and why

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Muslims who need to take vacations are usually faced with religious,moral and financial dilemma.The good news is there are a number of places people of the Islamic faith can visit without suffering the challenges named above.Here are the top spots every Muslim should visit.

1. Turkey

Photo – Pixabay

Formally a central part of the great Ottoman Empire, this is a country filled with Islamic history.Istanbul for instance has the Blue Mosque which was built in 1616 during the rule of Ahmed 1.It is a superb structure with blue tiles surrounding the interior of the walls.It has a tomb of the founder,a hospice and a madrasa.Turkey has other places to visit like the grave of the prophet’s (peace and blessings be upon him) friend and companion Abu Ayyub Ansari.Poets such as Jallaludin Yumi are buried here as well.there are many villages and The people are very friendly and always offer support to their fellow brother.


 2. Malaysia

Photo – pexels

Malaysia This is a top destination for many Muslims.The country offers beautiful mosques,Petronas towers, excellent resorts and beaches in addition to the fact that is is a central point in exploring and discovering the wonders of Asia.It is very affordable especially when you book early.