Every muslim should visit this place, and why

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3. Egypt

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Every Muslim should visit this place,and why ? The simple answer is that it has never failed to dazzle and astonish all who have ever visited it.Let us begin with the famous pyramids which are a wonder of the world.These magnificent structures have continued to baffle everyone even to date.The city of Cairo is filled with Islamic Architecture and it is even nicknamed “Madeenat ul-alf Midhana” meaning “the city of a thousand minarets.”The country houses the shrine of Hadhrat Zainab a daughter of Imam Ali and also a grave-site of Imam Hussain. Other great cities to visit include Alexandria, Aswan and Luxor.



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The Moroccan people are known for their great food, and wonderful locals.Cities like Marrakesh, Fes and Cassablanca have some of the best luxurious hotels in the world.If you are a fan of spicy food why not take a tour around the spice markets where you will find all the world’s spices.It’s easier and cheaper to travel from city to city by train since Morocco operates the best railway services in Africa.


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Oman is a must visit country for any Muslim.It has some great historical sites like the over 500 castles and forts some built as early as the 11th century portraying a powerful wealthy Arabian culture.Other main attractions in Oman include Muscat,the mountainous Al-Dakhiliyah Region,Sur,Bahla and Nizwa. To conclude, a Muslim should visit these places because they all offer nourishment and relaxation one needs physically, mentally and spiritually.They are all truly exquisite and unforgettable.