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Everything You Should Know About the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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The notorious Coronavirus has been making people crazy now! The death toll has been increasing since the outbreak of the deadly virus. Every day people are dying and the doctors are unable to save them. The virus initially started from the city of China known as Wuhan. All the companies, supplying goods to China, have discontinued their services out of the fear of the virus. The big brands such as McDonald’s, Starbucks and Disney, all have suspended their trade with China.

There has been panic everywhere in the world. People are fearing that the virus is going to spread throughout the world. Thus, airline services have also gone through a walkout. Individuals who have recently arrived in their countries from Wuhan are asked to isolate themselves and go through a screening test.

The WHO (World Health Organization) initially termed the virus as “moderate”. But, now it is being termed as “high” in terms of risk. Although there has been no antidote or a possible cure to the lethal Coronavirus. Yet, there are few precautions that you might take to safeguard yourself.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What is Coronavirus?

Well, people have been asking questions regarding Coronavirus. There are several confusions in the mind of people. There are a number of types of Coronaviruses among humans such as NL63, HKU1, OC43, and 229E. These are the most common alpha and beta variations of the virus.

Other than that, there are also MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, and 2019 nCoV, or 2019 Novel Coronavirus which has been now the cause of concern for people all over the world.

The illness starts from mild to moderate infection in the upper-respiratory-tract. Here, we might be talking about human coronavirus. But, the family of viruses can be transmitted between humans and animals.


What are the symptoms?

The very first symptoms are similar to that of a normal cold. Apart from that, the symptoms include:

  • Runny nose
  • Shortness of breath/breathing issues
  • Cough
  • General discomfort
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Sore throat/cough

In a few cases, the coronavirus can cause some serious damage in the shape of bronchitis or pneumonia and could hurt the lower-respiratory tract. Also, the risks of the coronavirus getting worst are more likely to prevail in infants and in senior citizens as their bodies are delicate and prone to damages due to the lack of a strong and healthy immune system.

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How coronavirus can be diagnosed?

Coronavirus is diagnosed in a similar manner as other viruses are diagnosed. The medical practitioners would conduct lab tests and screening in order to find traces of the virus. Plus, the travel history becomes an important part of the diagnosis.

How it spreads?

The virus spreads quite quickly through the mediums of physical contact. Any sort of physical contact is dangerous when it comes to the spreading of the coronavirus. Talking about the physical contact, it could be shaking hands, hugging, sitting together, or any other form of touching.

Apart from that, the virus spreads through the medium of air. If someone suffering from the coronavirus coughs or sneezes then the other people present over there would have chances of acquiring the deadly coronavirus.

Another instance could be touching the same object that has been touched by an infected person. The chances increase when you bring your hand near to your nose, eyes or mouth. Thus, preventing yourself from coronavirus has become near to impossible.

How to prevent coronavirus?

Due to a number of mediums through which coronavirus could be spread, the task of preventing the virus has become mighty difficult. However, if you put a little bit of effort and are always aware, then you can definitely save yourself.

You need to wash your hands from time to time in order to eliminate the risk of getting coronavirus. Cleanliness is the key. If your hands are not washed then do not make a contact with your mouth, eyes or nose. Plus, it is important that you distance yourself from the people who are sick and are going through the symptoms.

Currently, there is no vaccine or cure to the coronavirus. But, the doctors have been working day and night in order to come up with a possible cure. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then rush to a doctor and get yourself tested out for proper treatment to follow.

There is no doubt about the fact that the entire world has been fearing the coronavirus. Plus, the stock market has also suffered really and people have gone through monetary losses as well. So, following the simple guidelines could help you in remaining safe.

The coronavirus although might be similar to other colds and infections. But, if it is prolonged, then it can definitely play its part in killing people.

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Are you traveling to China?

Though traveling services have been stopped for a while and the US State Department is also against traveling to China. So, even if the travel services are relaxed, there is no confirmation that it will stay like this in the future. There might be further bans from the government of China. So, in such a state, it is extremely harmful to travel to China.

The US Government also stated that it has limited resources to call people back from China, stating that the people would be liable for their own actions.

Crash of the Stock Market

China is the home for trading and investing. However, coronavirus has led the businesses to stop, causing a huge crash in the stock markets. The European and the Japanese markets went through a sell-off when the news of the coronavirus outbreak became evident. Investors present in the whole world feared that the coronavirus is going to hinder their businesses and investments. The economic growth has seriously been affected due to the virus and the future also does not look too good.

Nonetheless, everyone is hoping that good days will follow soon, ending all the misery of the world. Faith in scientists is alive and fingers are crossed!

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