Father and Daughter Take the same Photo in Same Palace for 35 Years – The Last One Is Most Beautiful

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Hua Yunqing falls deeply in love with his daughter Huahua from the very first moment he kept her in his hands, just after she was born in China in 1979. To immortalize their relationship, he assured that they had taken a picture together at the same place on the lake in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, for 35 years every year. The only picture that was missed was that of 1988, when Huahua was unable to attend the family on their annual. The pictures recount their lives journey in the most endearing manner that has become their unique family tradition.


This Blcak and White photo takein in 1980, the first photo the father and daughter photo series. Father hloding the little hand of his one year old daughter.



Another black and photo taking in 1981, in this photo both father and daughter are smile . In this photo Huaha grown and stands independently alongside her father.



Pretty little girl, Huaha smiles with her father at the 1982 Photo. You can see father and daughter are same pose in the photo.



The first color photo of father and daughter photo series is taken in 1984, Little girl wear pretty pink and white dress, as her father lovingly holds her by the shoulder.