Forgotten Underwear Clothing That Was Renowned In The Ancient Times

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Underwear is a piece of clothing that can clearly make you shy. While you go out to shop for it, you tend to get a little embarrassed. Nonetheless, in today’s age, underwear shopping has become a lot more open and a lot more convenient than it was back then!

Also, in the past, the designs were absolutely crazy and offered little to no comfort. In today’s time, the options are available in abundance with you having the freedom to not compromise on your comfort. Apart from the underwear clothing, the yesteryear’s garments for “that time of the month” were also ridiculous, to say the least!

Thanks to the modernity that now we do not have to wear the odd-looking underwear today! Nonetheless, now that we have mentioned a lot of absurdity of the history’s underwear clothing, let’s just have a look that what they actually offered to the people.

I bet, you will definitely be going to laugh out loud seeing this stuff!

So, without any further wait, let’s roll.


It was basically designed for both men and women. Though it looked like trousers. But, it was commonly deemed as an undergarment. It was a loose-fitted piece of clothing that hung to the knees or calf. It was tied from the waist so that it did not untie at any point. It was mostly worn by the Europeans of the Middle Ages, the German and Celtic tribes.

It resembles today’s Shorts or Bermuda. However, the piece of cloth hung in such a way that it looked quite absurd and odd.

Strophiae And Subligaculum

A soft leather material was employed to make these. Also, these were mostly worn by the people of Ancient Rome during the athletic events. These resembled the modern-day’s bikinis. Apart from that, these types of undergarments included a loincloth as well as a breast cloth.

Strophiae was an undergarment that was worn by women. While Subligaculum was worn by men.


A codpiece was a flap that was used to cover the genitals of the men in the past. It was mostly worn during the 15th and 16th Centuries. Also, the most important fact regarding the codpiece was that it got popularized by King Henry VIII.

Apart from that, it is known as King Henry VIII used to pad the codpiece in order to make his private parts look more attractive. The men followed him and attempted to make their private parts look a notch greater than what they actually had.