How A ‘Perfect’ Woman Should Look Like In These 11 Countries Of The World

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There are different perceptions regarding a perfect woman all over the world. For some countries, a curvy body is sexy. For others, slim and smart figures are considered to be beautiful. The point here to make is that every country’s beauty standards differ from one another. No country is alike in these terms.

However, within a few countries, beauty standards are no less than strange and odd. So, when we have a look at them, we are seriously left dumbstruck. Nonetheless, we have to admit that every country has got their respective beauty norms. For them, these beauty norms are absolutely perfect.

Let’s have a look at those 11 countries that literally have made us astonished with their respective definitions of a perfect woman. Hence, without any further ado, here we go!


Maiko face

In most of the countries all over the world, a wide, sparkling smile is considered to be a part of beauty. However, for Japan, the case is totally different. In Japan, the women consult dentists in order to get their teeth totally out of shape.

Basically, they fix an appointment with the dentists and get their teeth crooked, on purpose. Apart from that, they opt for multi-layering of their teeth because it is supposed to be a beauty standard in Japan. The look is termed as Yaeba or semi-vampire which is reflected as the norm that should be followed by the women in order to look super cute, young and gorgeous.


Beauutiful young woman with red hair (Getty Images)


A common Irish woman is not afraid of accepting all the flaws in terms of her skin and hair. The Irish women generally have green eyes with small, thin lips. Their hair is mostly red and their skin is full of freckles. Nonetheless, the Irish women feel pride in accepting the features with which they are born. They are never involved in a race of looking flawless because, for them, natural is everything.

South Korea

The South Korean women have endorsed super glowing, clean and fresh skin, having no spots or acne whatsoever. A pointed nose, a small face, and large eyes are the most common features of South Korean women that are easily found in every next woman, living in South Korea.

Nevertheless, one of the most important point to consider here is that the face must be of the shape of the heart with a narrow chip that should get wider as it reaches the top. It is not possible for everyone to gain such a shape. So, the women of South Korea opt for a multiple of the surgeries for achieving such a shape which obviously costs a lot.