How Women Check Whether Their Partner Suits Them Or Not

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A relationship has to be filled with love, care, and affection. But, if any of the partners is not giving the right kind of attention, then there will be problems. A woman has to look for the signs and check thoroughly if the partner suits them or not. Otherwise, in the future, there will be troubles that will become harder to solve.

So, a woman must inspect for the hints and find out if she is involved in a one-sided relationship. There is no use of holding onto a one-sided relationship when there is absolutely no effort from the other side. Thus, you got to be extremely careful in such a case as you might be wasting your time and efforts in an already dead relationship.

There are quite many ways through which a woman can test her partner and see whether the relationship would work or not. So, today we have come up with a list of tips and tricks that you could apply to your partner and check if he is worthy or not.

Therefore, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Look if your partner is putting the same effort as you or not

In order to be extremely successful in a relationship, you might try to apologize and forget the issues for the good of the future. But, you are not supposed to repeat this act all the time. Check on your partner. See if he is doing the same or not.

If your partner is putting the same efforts and is not interested in solving the matters. Then, it is time that you move on and finds someone better for yourself. Nonetheless, if your partner is devoting time to resolving the matters, then he is the one for you. Hold onto them for the rest of your life!

Observe if your partner is loving the same things as you or not

You might love to attend parties, you might love to bake, you might love to binge-watch a Netflix series. There could be many things that you love and adore. But, if your man is not putting interest in the things that you love and like, then you got to understand the hint and put everything on hold.

Nonetheless, if your partner enjoys the same things as you and feels good in spending small moments with you, then make sure that you are not letting them go away. Your partner definitely suits you if they like to go to the same parties like you!

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Check if your partner is okay with your shortcomings or not

No one is perfect, no one is an absolute diva! However, if your man is positively acknowledging your shortcomings, then you never need anything else. You might be becoming fat, you might be losing your glow but if your man accepts you the way you are, you are sorted. If your man is complimenting you even when you are not at your best, he is your go-to!

Nevertheless, if your partner keeps on complaining about even the little things, and is not satisfied with you, even if you do your best, then it is a sign that your partner is not serious in the relationship and you can part ways from him.

See if your partner is concealing the relationship secrets or not

There are several things that happen between couples. Now, the key for you is to check whether your partner is keeping all these things as private or not. You share a number of secrets with your partner, some might be pleasing but the others might be dirty. Nevertheless, you think of your partner as the best man to share everything with.

In a relationship, it is not ethical to reveal the secrets to anyone, no matter who they are. So, if your man is keeping everything that happened between both of you, a secret. Then, they are good to go with. Nonetheless, if your partner is extremely casual about your private talk, and they are least concerned about strengthening the bond, then say TATA to them.

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Monitor if your partner remembers the important dates or not

Dates are extremely crucial in a relationship. Your first meeting with your partner, your birthday, your wedding date and many others. So, if your partner actually wants to have a long-lasting relationship full of love, he would never forget a single date. All such dates would be on his fingertips.

Nonetheless, if your partner is ignorant of all these dates that made the relationship special. Also, on even reminding him, he is laidback, calm and cool. Then, comprehend that the relationship has turned sour and you need to think about it seriously.

Sense if your partner is listening to the details of your story or not

In a relationship, you always love to interact with your partner. You love to tell him whatever happened with you in the entire day. You tell him how your day was and stuff like that! Now, concentrate if your partner is interested in all these accounts or not. If he would be interested, he would definitely ask several questions, would laugh and would come up with a variety of reactions.

But, if he is not interested, he would simply nod and would try to get away with it as it would be extremely boring for him to handle. So, this is the indicator that you need to grasp and think about the future of the relationship.

Check if he is protected of you or not

A sense of protection and warmth always is the charm within a perfect relationship. You might be walking on a road with your partner and suddenly a guy checks you out and you feel anger. So, this is the time when you have to see whether your partner is equally angry or not. Someone seeing you in a wrong way must make your man angry and full of rage.

But, if he is not feeling in a similar way, the problems do exist. Thus, it is an indicator that your partner does not suit you anymore and it is time to come to reach a decision.

Find out if he goes over the board in helping you out or not

A relationship becomes healthier when your partner is putting in 200% of the efforts all the time in fulfilling your requests. You might be trapped in some sort of trouble. You might need someone’s shoulder to cry on. So, in such cases, no one helps better than a good partner.

Hence, check if your partner is active in listening to your problems and thereby putting in extra efforts to solve them. Otherwise, there is no reason to stay with such a guy who is with you in times of your trouble.


So, here we have come to an end of our list that implied several tricks and tips through which you would be able to analyze whether your partner suits you or not. All the above-mentioned tricks are quite simple and are extremely helpful in terms of reaching an informed decision. Therefore, do not wait anymore and start implementing the tricks NOW!