Never try these!The Most Dangerous Selfies In The World (15 Picture)

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As the statue, Christ the Redeemer legendarily overlooks the town of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, this man has chosen to redeem himself on top of it with beautiful yet scary selfie.

Scary Jump Selfie

This selfie is very unsafe, this person has chosen to raise the level of risk a little too high by literally jumping up while taking a selfie. As if it wasn’t dangerous enough.

In The Air


As we stated previously, the higher you go, the stronger the winds can become. This selfie demonstrates how hot he is, but it’s still imprudent. Apart from the height, what is scary here is that this individual is just holding on to little metal thing.

She Cele

Angela Nikolau is a Russian self-taught photographer known to take the most hazardous selfies ever. With over 600k supporters on Instagram, her account is full of her most risky selfies. She took this selfie to the top of a spire in Tianjin, China. We have to admit that she knows how to take selfie-art to next level, but it can not be denied that she is a dangerous selfie.