Ten Beauty Tips From Your Grandma

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Grandmas are generally known for their “old fashioned” ways of doing things which yields a better result. In today’s world, “Beauty” is said to lie in the eyes of the beholder. Elderly people are normally tagged as “old school” but it seems the archaic ways of doing things and staying pretty still works. However, this article would contain beauty tips i learnt from my grandma which has become very useful and effective.

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1. Stay hydrated

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Grandma always advice to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water as it aids metabolism and also guarantees a glowing and healthy skin. Because of how easy it is for me to forget to drink water frequently, grandma encouraged me download the water check app which reminds me to drink water. Trust me it works as it also makes me feel relaxed and less tensed.

2. Moisturize your skin

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My grandma is a fan of different oils and creams which includes locally made pomades. She uses them daily as a dehydrated skin can bring about eczema, wrinkles, itchiness and infection. The skin becomes softer and really attractive with consistent motorization. Grandma always advises that i use more of natural oils as they are more effective and they are natural remedies to skin dryness.


3. Watch your sleeping routine and posture

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I remember grandma taking away my laptop and phones to ensure i get at least eight hours of sleep because stress and sleeping disorders increases the signs of aging. This has also been advised by medical practitioners as it helps you to stay effective and it is very important for your mental health. Also, grandma strongly advised against sleeping on your side or stomach because it causes distortion which could result in wrinkles and stretch the skin after some time. Instead, sleep on your back as it is more comfortable. I remember waking up to a different position (lying on my back) at morning until it became a habit which i would advice you to try too