Ten Beauty Tips From Your Grandma

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4. Vegetables can never go wrong

Photo – pexels

Vegetables have so many benefits and grandma will always encourage we have just enough veggies in our meals. At first it came with that sullen look or a frown but with time it became a habit and we actually enjoyed it. Veggies are good for the skin and heart and makes us remain healthy as it helps to fight diseases. Also, grandma encourages me to put fruits and vegetable peels on my skin and face, like the lemon fiber, avocados and many more and the result is so impeccable.

5. The magic in a smile

Photo – Pexels

I am not so much of a smiling person but years of learning from my grandma has taught me of the beauty and magic in a smile. An optimistic smile reduces the signs of aging as well as makes you glow and keeps your face from getting wrinkled. Learn how to put that smile on because it has been said that a “smile is the best accessory” as it generates a kind of beauty, make up cannot give.

6. Rub

rub and keep rubbing that Vaseline¬† Vaseline is a beauty everyone must have and its effectiveness on dry skin, chapped lips and cracked heels have been applauded by many thus its relevance. Many people think vaselines are just for the skin and probably cracked lips but it goes beyond that. Vaseline could be used to cover split ends of hair, it could also be used in giving make up that shiny effect, smoothing those lovely brows and also makes the eye lashes look thicker. Vaseline could also be used as perfume if well applied to the right places. Grandma never runs out of vaseline and also keeps different fragrances which she uses everyday and her skin remains ever astonishing and glowing. Grandma always says “Vaseline is your best friend” which i would totally agree with after all these years.

7. Good scent

Photo – Pixabay

Everyone loves associating with good scent or fragrance and my grandma couldn’t agree less. Sometimes grandma makes her own perfume with awesome fragrances which she will afterwards keep in the fridge because it makes the scent last longer. Perfume baths are also very good with the roses petal and leaves you with a breath taking fragrance. Strive to smell good as it is ever refreshing.