The most Interesting places for real traveler : Our favorite Picks

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Our universe is getting bigger, and with it, so is our reach. People are starting to book tourist packages to go into space, and we think that the time has come to review some of the most idyllic travel destinations on our little blue planet. Whether you’d like to sunbathe on a beach, trawl the clubs in a city, take a Savannah safari, or hike through the rainforest, there are hundreds of options available, and here are some of our favorite picks:

1. Honolulu

Photo –Pixabay

Honolulu, Hawaii Apart from being a major city and financial center, Honolulu has vibrant attractions on offer, from the Diamond Head cliffs to Waikiki, the resort area that offers exotic shopping, sightseeing, history, and water activities. Surfing is a must when you visit Hawaii, and the Zoo and Aquarium will keep all members of the family entertained to the hilt. Hawaii must be visited at least once in a lifetime, and Honolulu is where you can get it all.

2. Phuket

Photo – pixabays

Phuket, Thailand The second destination on our list is also a coastal area. Phuket is an island cluster ridden with mountains and plains. It is the ideal place to stock on up Vitamin D, as the sun shines year round and the climate is always warm and tropical. The Phi Phi islands are the most beautiful in this area. It’s a great place to visit flea markets and pick up various knick knacks and small antiques. Being so close to mainland Thailand, it’s not only a great getaway destination; it also is a bridge away from the party centers. The food is particularly interesting in this area, and you’ll have the opportunity to try the most diverse delicacies.