The Top 10 Richest Families In The Entire World

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Who does not like money to flow in? Well, everyone does! Cash and plastic money is something that can let you achieve all the good things in the world. This is the same thought-process of the richest families, breathing in today’s world. They conquered the world just by investing in the right places and at the right times.

The 10 most extravagant families of the world have a whopping aggregate salary of incredible 3.4 Trillion Dollars which easily makes the whole GDP of Germany, the UK, and France. The richest families have created a special status of themselves which let them be known amongst the greatest actors, athletes and other professionals of the contemporary era.

Apart from that, people from all over the world look up to them and try to achieve similar success. However, it is not easy to replicate the ethics of the world’s richest families. But, even a small amount of motivation is enough to provide a head start!

So, without any further ado, let’s have a glimpse of the world’s richest families whom we envy in all the aspects!

The Dumas Family, from France: Estimated Wealth – 49.2 Billion Dollars

The high-end fashion, Hermes belongs to none other than the Dumas Family. Hermes is a popular brand that is loved by people from all over the world. The Dumas Family takes pride in owning the brand as it plays a major role in making the Dumas Family, one of the world’s richest families. Their combined fortune is estimated to be 29.2 Billion Dollars. The numbers look quite hot, though!

Thiery Hermes, in 1837, laid the groundwork of today’s mammoth brand, Hermes. It has grown into a global fashion house that is adored by many and is amongst the best fashion brands of the 21st Century.

The Brin Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth – 51.1 Billion Dollars

The online technology giant, Sergey Green is the co-owner of the widely used Search Engine Google. Apart from that, the tech mogul has a gigantic economic value of 50+ billion dollars that he has earned through several of the ventures. He is currently serving as a president of the Search Engine’s parent company, known as Alphabet Inc.

Brin’s wealth is shared amongst his two kids. Plus, he recently got divorced from Anne Wrojicicki who is also extremely wealthy on her own. She has a net worth of 480 Million Dollars.

The Ambani family, From India: Estimated Wealth – 52.3 Billion

The Ambani family is easily the most extravagant family of India and one of the richest families in the entire world. The late Dhirubhai Ambani transformed his small textile company into one of the largest conglomerates, to be known everywhere in the world. The Ambani family owns a number of companies, starting from network providers such as Jio to Petroleum Company known as Reliance Petroleum. The Ambani Family is highly renowned in the world and the famous actors of India such as Shah Rukh Khan are close friends of the Family.

The entire estimated net worth is shared among the two sons who are active shareholders of the Reliance Industries.

The Page Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth – 52.4 Billion Dollars

The tech goliath, Larry Page is the co-founder of the extremely popular Search Engine Google. He holds a massive net worth of 52.4 Billion Dollars which is a dream of many people, including myself also! Mr. Page shares his wealth with his adorable wife Lucinda Southworth and two lovely kids. Larry Page has kept his family out of the spotlight for respecting the family’s privacy.

He now enjoys the position of CEO at Alphabet Inc.

The Albrecht Family, From Germany: Estimated Wealth – 2 Billion Dollars

The most famous and widely spread, Aldi supermarket group Karl and Theo Albrecht was founded by the two enthusiastic brothers Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. However, creative differences among the brothers separated them and they went on to create their respective entities in 1960.

Both the geniuses achieved immense success in their careers and expanded their ventures all over the world, entering the US and across the Atlantic also. The chains are now handed over to their children who are also extremely ardent towards achieving the similar success of their fathers.