The Top 10 Richest Families In The Entire World

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The Chakri Family, From Thailand: Estimated Wealth – 60 Billion Dollars

The Chakri Family is not your ordinary family, rather they are the reigning rulers of Thailand for about 237 years. The Chakri Family holds a very important status in Thailand and the people of Thailand offer an enormous amount of respect to the Family.

The Family consists of 22 Monarchs who control the entire wealth which has been estimated to be around 60 Billion Dollars. The wealth of the Family is a combination of assets, properties, and jewelry.

The Ellison Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth – 61.8 Billion Dollars

Larry Ellison is the co-founder of the highly famous, globally renowned, Oracle Corporation. He holds an incalculable net worth of 61.8 Billion Dollars. The family is quite fond of vacationing and being in the spotlight. Thus, you can see the Family enjoying quite often on their luxurious yachts.

Mr. Ellison shares his net worth with his two beautiful daughters who are extremely popular actresses and red-carpet icons.

The Zuckerberg Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth – 63 Billion Dollars

Who does not use Facebook? Well, everyone does! Zuckerberg emerged through his social media venture, highly popular site Facebook. The tech tycoon shares his immense wealth with his wife, Priscilla Chan and their cute two daughters.

Zuckerberg has been fond of charity and has announced to give a major chunk of his wealth to charity.

The Slim Family, From Mexico: Estimated Wealth – 64.9 Billion Dollars

The Slim Family reigned in the top richest families’ list and continued to be the number one between 2010 and 2013. However, due to the financial situations and stock crashes, the Family was dropped down to number two. They currently have a net worth of 64.9 Billion Dollars which would take more than 100 years to get counted.

The Family founded its base through the Grupo Carso Company which became the Family’s main fortune. The colossal amount of wealth is shared among the wife and six children of Carlos Slim.

The Mars Family, From the United States: Estimated Wealth – 70.8 Billion Dollars

The Mars Family founded their fortune through Mars Inc. It was an initiative of Forrest Mars Sr. who got succeeded in building a confectionary dynasty. The Company grew and grew and created a number of brands out of it which are known and loved in the entire world.

The most loved chocolate, known as Snickers is the Company’s top confectionery item. The wealth of the family is shared among the three children.


So, here we have come to an end of our list that showed you the world’s richest families. Once upon a time, they were nothing but then they emerged due to their own efforts and hard work. Thus, you are also advised to gain some motivation from these families and put the effort in starting from scratch.