Top 10 Airlines with the Most Beautiful Flight Attendants

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The flight attendant is a profession that demands you to be on your toes all the time. With huge responsibility, you need to carry yourself beautifully so that the passengers feel nice and welcoming. Flight attendants are considered to be the apt representation of an airline.

Thus, the airlines are putting a lot of focus on hiring those flight attendants that are not only competent. Rather, they have got appearances to animate the passengers. So, the HR department of the airlines ensures thorough examining of the heights, weights and other physical aspects of the potential flight attendants in order to select the most beautiful one.

There is a tough competition among the top airlines in the world to hire the most beautiful flight attendants. Hence, the hiring staff imparts a careful assessment so that they are able to rise to the top in terms of holding a staff of the hottest and cute flight attendants.

So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at the top 10 airlines whose flight attendants are no less than angels!

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines have won the ‘World’s Best Cabin Crew Service’, awarded to them in the Business Traveler Asia-Pacific Awards for 17 straight years which itself is a clue to the highly welcoming service of this airline. The flight attendants look glamorous in the special ‘Sarong Kebaya’ they wear. Every passenger who travels with Singapore Airlines is extremely appreciative of the immense hospitality that they receive from the pretty flight attendants of the airline.

Air France

You would definitely forget the worries of the economy class when you would be served by the hot and opulent flight attendants of Air France. Christian Lacroix, the most-popular designer is the name behind designing the costumes of the flight attendants of Air France in which they look absolutely chic and gorgeous. The flight attendants go to any extent in order to accommodate the passenger. You would definitely crave for more once you get out of the plane.

Aeroflot Air

The sensational red-colored uniform of the flight attendants of Aeroflot Air simply redefines the entire experience of traveling with this airline. With the unique caps and dashingly styled ties, the flight attendants always greet the passengers with their beautiful smile. The Russian style is highly evident in the looks and appearances of the entire crew who not only impress with their extraordinary prettiness rather their service is also worth mentioning.