Top 10 Airlines with the Most Beautiful Flight Attendants

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Kingfisher Airlines

Indian beauty is famous all over the world and when it comes to flight attendants, they are no less than sheer gorgeousness. Thus, Kingfisher Airlines is highly famous to have the hottest flight attendants on the board. It is one of the major aspects that makes this airline extremely popular all over the world. The bright and classy red uniform with a combination of white-colored inners is something that is totally irresistible. With splendid looks of the flight attendants, the thorough hospitality becomes an icing on the cake!

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific has received numerous recognitions for being the best airline in terms of service and hospitality. The airline is considered to be the best among the top airlines in Asia. The Hong-Kong founded airline boasts a team of sexy, smart and intelligent flight attendants who are always chirpy and spontaneous when it comes to serving the passengers. All in all, the experience of traveling with Cathay Pacific is astonishing and amazing, to say the least!


Emirates is one of the most luxurious and the most comfortable airline whose crew is epic and worthy of all the praise. Especially, the flight attendants are adorable and appealing, having cute faces with divine smiles. The uniform of the crew is extremely unique and portrays the flight attendants so nonchalantly, yet strikingly. Emirates is an expensive airline, still, you feel like spending less because the airline promises you excellent facilities with flight attendants greeting you in a greatly exquisite way.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a UK based airline that is known to out-do all the other airlines because of the exceptional cabin crew, possessed by the airline. The red-colored costumes with neckties are a lethal combination that makes the flight attendants look totally angelic. A survey took place in the year 2011 in which the flight attendants of the Virgin Atlantic were voted as the most attractive hostesses. Apart from that, the beauty of these hostesses is easily comparable to that of the Hollywood actresses.