Top 10 Most Populated Cities In The World

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The population of the world does not seem to be stopping in any case. The countries are struggling to provide enough resources to the ever-growing population. However, it might be manageable for rich countries. But, the third world countries suffer greatly due to the excessive population. Thus, the people in those countries are deprived of basic necessities and face harsh malnourishment, leading to a very weak human resource.

Within the countries, a few cities become the major hub for acquiring the basic needs and proper jobs. So, the people start migrating to such cities which creates extra pressure on the cities to live up to the expectations of the migrants. Nonetheless, due to extreme migration, the previous residents of the cities have to go through a lot of troubles.

Urbanization has increased massively, affecting the allocation of proper resources to the residents. Nowadays, people are preferring urban life rather than rural life. The preference of urban life over rural life is due to a number of factors such as quality food, appropriate education, security, better job opportunities, and much more.

Today, we are going to discuss 10 of the most populated cities that have been constantly attracting people for better living conditions.

Here we go!

New York and Newark, United States

A city that never sleeps, namely New York is by far the most densely populated city in the entire world. New York is an extremely well-developed city in the United States of America. The city is also known as the “Big Apple”. The “Big Apple” invites a number of people to enjoy the facilities that it offers. Thus, the city has become really overcrowded in the past few years. However, the authorities have been handling the constant growth of the population quite effectively. But, the question is till when it will sustain the escalation of the population? Plus, the constant growth in population can also tend to decline the tourism that is enjoyed by New York.

Within the city’s neighborhood, another city lies known as Newark. Collectively, both cities have a population of approximately 18,604,000 people.

Cairo, Egypt

A city in the land of mummies also tops the list of the highly populated cities in the whole world. Talking about Cairo, it is one of the most mesmerizing places on the earth. It is always depicted as a romantic symbol in a number of movies and pieces of literature. People come here in order to spend some quality time with their friends and families.

Nonetheless, the city’s population has seen no calm as it has been increasing by each passing day. Therefore, the city has become really claustrophobic and losing its magic constantly. Approximately 19,128,000 people are currently living in the city. The main reason behind the epic growth of the population in Cairo is due to the state-of-the-art educational centers and well-equipped medical institutions.

Osaka, Japan

Due to the splendid cultural value of the city and an abundance of goods offered to the residents, the people become really attracted to Osaka and have been shifting here for obvious reasons. The rapid movement of people to Osaka has increased its population to approximately 20,337,000 people.

Nonetheless, the management has been working to endure the abnormal rise in the population by taking effective steps in lowering down the birth pace. Additionally, the city must do something to tackle the extreme migration of people if the authorities are looking to withstand its popularity in front of the whole world.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is famous in a number of aspects. It is the center of finances for Latin America. Plus, it is also termed as the cultural hub of Mexico that successfully combines the past with the present. Apart from that, the most powerful city is built on top of the capital city of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlán.

The city manages to draws tremendous attention from the people of the entire world. They see their bright future in Mexico City and thus start migrating here in order to seek better opportunities. Currently, the population of the city has been recorded to be approximately 21,157,000 people.

Beijing, China

China is a huge country with over 1.3 billion people currently staying within the boundaries of it. Thus, there is no disbelief in how the country’s capital Beijing must be dealing with the fanatical growth in the population. It has become one of the most jam-packed cities in the entire world.

Having an approximate population of 21,240,000 people, the city leaves no chance to awestruck us by providing immense opportunities to the people. However, China must take positive steps in cutting down the population for enjoying success in every department.

São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo entices a number of people to visit the city and finally shift to it due to the immense prospects related to several sectors such as finance, education, culture and so much more. The city is built above the equator, having an approximate population of 21,297,000 people. The architectural scene of the city is quite vibrant and noteworthy.

The magnificent skyscrapers to the ancient cathedrals, everything looks so peaceful and breathtaking at the same time. Also, the city is full of resources and is considered to be really rich in terms of wealth. Nevertheless, extreme and constant growth in the population could prove to be a major concern in the coming future. So, the authorities should make sure to start planning right now before it is too late.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai is to Indians what New York is to Americans. Basically, for Indians, Mumbai is the hub of opportunities where everyone lands a job in their desired sector if they really work hard and vouch for it no matter what happens.

The Cosmopolitan city attracts a huge number of people to shift from the rural areas to Mumbai, making it excessively populated city, having an approximate population of 21,357,000 people. As the number of businesses galore in Mumbai, the capital of the city is also increasing at a quick pace. The overall wealth of the city has now touched US$280 billion and it is definitely not stopping over here! But, the authorities are taking little to no steps to curtail the overgrowth of the population which could be fatal for the city.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is full of life, hustling and bustling towards a better tomorrow and in that search, your life cannot even rest for a second. Therefore, Shanghai is definitely not a place for those who are looking for solace in tranquility and serenity. However, the beautiful city of China has several things on offer!

Now, the population of the city has reached approximately 24,484,000 people which is only increasing by each passing day. The main highlights of the city are the port that is always active and occupied with work. Plus, Shanghai has now become a financial hub due to which numerous people move in here.

Delhi, India

India always comes in the list when it comes to the discussion of the most densely populated areas. Hence, the city of India, Delhi has managed to find the second spot within our list. Delhi is home to approximate 26,454,000 people. The number game is rapidly increasing as several people move into the city. A dozen people are expected to arrive each day in the city, making it extremely cramped and jammed.

Due to the excessive population, crime is also on the verge of destroying this beautiful city. The management must take strict actions in order to bring down the population thereby, curbing the overgrowth of crime in the region.

Tokyo, Japan

No doubts over here, Tokyo, Japan is the most populated city whose population is only bound to increase. It is expected that Tokyo will hold the position of being the most populated city until the year 2030. However, the authorities of the city are planning useful measures to lower down the rate of population and effective results are foreseeable due to it.

Currently, the city is full of opportunities, offering a number of residents with exceptional quality of life. The city itself is really beautiful, enriched with deep cultural history, and full of grand locations to pay a visit. Nonetheless, with all such benefits, you need to make a habit of living a claustrophobic life due to the excess in population. As of now, approximately 38,140,000 people are breathing in this city. While heading towards your destination, you are certain to receive several pushes from everywhere.


So, here we have come to an end of our list that showed you 10 of the most populated cities in the entire world. The world needs to take active measures in order to lower down the birth rate. Otherwise, the consequences would be really dangerous. All the above-mentioned places are enthusiastically dealing with the rapid growth of the population. So, hopefully, positive results will follow soon and the cities will be able to progress even better.