Top 10 of the World’s Prettiest and Beautiful Women For 2019

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Women account for a significant percentage of the total global population. They come in different sizes, races, tradition and ages. It is no doubt all women possess beauty as a natural tranquility; which is a gift of nature. As there is competition in every aspect of life, women do compete when it comes to beauty. Unlike before where beautiful women were categorized based on physical appearance only, today beauty contestants have to possess both intellectual abilities and appealing physical appearance. This has made coming up with a list of top most beautiful women on earth a bit overwhelming.    But who’s the most beautiful woman in earth as per 2019? Most of the women who top the list are either role models, pacesetters or face of the society that they represent to the globe as a whole. This list will rank the most beautiful women based on their appearance, the contribution or what they give back to the society and globe at large and finally, their intelligence.

(10). Pia Wurtzbach

Photo – Instagram / Pia Wurtzbach

Holding the tenth position in this list is Alonzo Pia Wurtzbach. She held the 2015 miss universe title and has a series of others titles under her belt. She rose through the ranks quite quickly winning the Philippines most beautiful woman before winning the miss universe the same year! Her stunning intelligence and unique beauty has seen her survive stiff competition in the modeling and acting platforms.

(9). Emilia Clarke

Photo – Instagram / emilia clarke

Clarke is a familiar face in both fashion show and movies. Her beauty is something to reacon. Apart from her stunning facial appearance and body shape, her ability to fit and adapt different roles has seen her make great strides in her field of specialization. Her voice and beauty has made her appear in almost every screen due to the numerous roles she has participated in including Esquire’s Sexiest Woman-Alive, Terminator Genesis and Game of Thrones. At only 28, she is still promising and is likely to climb the ladder of success and fame as one of the most beautiful women to have set foot on the face of the earth.