Top 10 People Who Were Born With Additional Body Parts

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These days, people look forward to perfection and for that reason, they are willing to do anything. In order to shape up their bodies, people are getting a gym membership, they regularly hit a salon for a grooming session and are even getting cosmetic surgeries to look younger than their actual age.

Nonetheless, there are a few people who have proudly embraced themselves the way they are. It is not the matter of the usual pimples, grey hair or scars. These people are born with extra body parts. Today, we are going to discuss those 10 human beings who were born with extra body parts. Thus, they are bound to catch more attention from the people wherever they go.


So, let’s begin!

Dan Aziere

Dan Aziere belongs to Danbury, Connecticut. He was diagnosed with a rare condition that is known as Hereditary Exostoses. Every human has a usual 206 bones, but he had grown an extra 92 bones under this condition. In 2010, he went through many surgeries and got removed 42 bones from his body. It has been said that a few bones were similar in the size of a TV remote control. Due to the surgeries, he faced many harsh consequences. He used to feel excessive numbness in his leg during his teenage days. His children are also diagnosed with the same condition. Nonetheless, the children are quite healthy even with this condition.

Deepak Paswan

Deepak Paswan, hailing from India had a difficult childhood. The legs and the arms of Deepak’s underdeveloped twin were growing out of his body. The children around used to tease him. The Hindu Pilgrims used to visit Deepak’s house in order to worship him. They thought of him to be an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was known to have extra limbs. Nonetheless, a charitable hospital of Bangalore emerged as a messiah. They conducted surgery on Deepak worth around $78,000, totally free of cost. The surgery went on to be a success and Deepak got a new life.