Top 10 Wedding Destinations For A Beautiful Wedding

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Weddings don’t only unite two people but also their families as a whole. Every wedding is unique and has a charm of its own with different countries, classes, customs and traditions and these differences make a wedding unique and perfect.

The wedding venue plays the most vital role in making a wedding special, A good venue can make a wedding more vibrant and bright. Today, we bring to you the most gorgeous wedding destinations in the world that can make your wedding magical.



Houston offers the best combination of venue and culinary offerings that can make your wedding charming. Houston is a hotspot for weddings and more than a hundred weddings are planned here every year. Thousands of dollars are spent on weddings to achieve perfection and why not? It is after all the purest form of ceremony that unites two souls and is a memory worth reminiscing all your life.

Here are some of the most sought after wedding venues in Houston.

The Spanish style villa has the most elegant staircases made of wrought iron, and this staircase makes sure that the bride makes an entry with glamour and elegance.

Ballrooms at hotels are perfect to create fairy tale themed classy weddings in the modern-day with a breathtaking view of the city.

Some of the top wedding destinations that are famous for holding breathtaking weddings in Houston are Hotel Galvez, Crystal Ballroom, Ashton Gardens, Butler’s Courtyard and Paraiso Maravilla.



If your dream is to have a wedding on the beachside then you might just consider Italy to be the wedding destination meant just for you. The Amalfi Drive is considered to be a gift from God with its picture-perfect stretches of the Italian Coastline, The view of the sea along with the winding cliffs make it one of the best wedding destinations and best of all it has a good thing going not only with the visuals but also with the food. Compared to other resorts in Italy, this resort has the most delicious cuisines making the combination the best-chosen ones amongst those who are arranged to tie the knot. The narrow streets of Naple’s old Spacca Quarter are a must to be included when getting married in Italy which makes the wedding an unforgettable event. The most pleasant climate to hold weddings in Italy is during September and October as the weather is mild.