Top 10 Weirdest Fashion Accessories

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Fashion accessories start from beautiful bags, quality ornaments, suspended earrings and much more! Nonetheless, these accessories are too customary. These accessories are too usual and too simple to suit a few people’s likings. Well, there are a number of absurdist fashion trends that appear out of nowhere and we could not even imagine those fashion styles.

People differ from one another. Most of the people do not prefer simple fashion styles. Thus, they move a notch higher and inculcate the fashion accessories that we might have never thought of even in our wildest of the dreams.

So, without further ado, we will present right in front of you a list of top 10 weirdest fashion accessories that will blow your mind:

Teardrop Jewelry

The name itself sounds too unusual and absurd- Teardrop Jewelry, so imagine how the actual piece of jewelry would look like!

A designer from the Netherlands, known as Eric Klarenbeek designed Teardrop Jewelry and turned a sad feeling into something that might be preferred by people. The Teardrop Jewelry that is made up of jewels, stones, and crystals would hang from the contact lenses through a thread. It is said that the piece of jewelry looks exceptional in direct sunlight as the crystals and stones shine gorgeously.

Hence, it is an absurdist take on the usual range of contact lenses. Want to give it a try? It is your choice completely!


The TV Bag

Would you want to watch the TV just as you follow your daily chores? Now it is possible!

Presenting to you a bag that is equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen so that you keep on having fun.

It is actually a handbag in which the screen is fitted for your convenience. There are a bunch of colors available. So, you can match the colors with the outfit that you wear. You can play any of the DVD, MP3 files or different sorts of music. Also, you can watch images on the screen.

Additionally, the modern accessory provides playback of 2.5 hours which is more than enough. However, the bag is a little bit pricey but it is value for money!

The Denture Bracelet

Dentures are incorporated when your teeth break or become too weak to function. But, you should note that dentures become a part of the mouth. Here, since we are witnessing absurdist fashion accessories, the dentures become a part of your hand. Yes! You heard it right.

Now, you can wear a denture bracelet in your hands and flaunt them at any party or any occasion! Basically, a set of teeth are created in a round manner in order to fit the hands.

These are actually available in the market. If you do not believe, just search it for once and you will know!


Alive Around the Neck

You might be scared of a mouse but now for the sake of fashion, you have to embrace it at any cost. So, now there is a neck-piece that is actually a cage in which a mouse is roaming here and there!

The unique neck-piece goes around your neck where a living mouse has been caged. Plus, the tiny little mouse has got enough space to move. Were you looking for a suggestion of a neck-piece? How about this one?


Botox Injected Handbag

Well, everyone knows that Botox injections help you in staying young and fresh. Many celebrities as well the masses have got Botox injection in order to stay young. However, you would never have heard of something like Botox injected handbags or have you?

Mauro Orietti-Carella, a Milan designer who has been known for coming up with a beautiful amalgamation of fashion accessories and eccentric technology, came up with the idea of Botox injected handbag!

He said that when silicone injections are injected in the python, crocodile or ostrich leather, the material then lasts for a long period of time and the colors also appear to be more vivid and sharp.

Considering the unique concept and extravagant price tag of this bag, would you want to try it?


The Nubrella

Fed up of holding an umbrella? Why not wear it then? There is an advent of the umbrella that you can fasten on your shoulders so this is how you will not have to hold the umbrella all the time.

This is an all-cover umbrella that covers your head and provides you a cloak for your shoulder as well. So, it becomes quite convenient in heavy rains. Though the sight of it might look quite weird and strange which is why we have added in our list.

Barbie Doll Jewelry

Barbie is always considered to be sweet and charming but this is something not at all sweet. In Barbie Doll Jewelry, you get an assortment of jewelry made through the body parts of your favorite Barbie Doll.

To go to an extent, the designers have created a necklace from the breasts of the Barbie Doll and the earring are created with the doll’s lips and ears. Hence, the combination sounds quite weird, how would it actually look if you wear it?


Ice Jewelry

Considering global warming, you might need coolness in some form. How about wearing an ice necklace to curb the heat? Katharina Ludwig has created an enigmatic piece of jewelry in which she has used actual ice to create the baubles of the necklace. Therefore, it would not last for a long time!



Have you ever heard of men’s rendition of leggings? Then, hear it now! The designers have revolutionized the game of men’s clothing and hence they have come up with leggings that are specially made for men.

Initially, the designers themselves wore the meggings at an event and grabbed many eyeballs. Well, the men’s leggings known as meggings will be available in many colors but just wait for them to come in the market!


Women wear all those accessories that a man would put on. So, men have also pledged to match women in their clothing and accessories. Women normally wear pantyhose. Thus, men copied the accessory and created their own version of pantyhose known as ‘mantyhose’ in order to compete with women in the fashion race!


The above-mentioned were a few weirdest, uncommon, and absolutely absurdist fashion accessories that you might have never imagined to exist. However, now that you know about them, do give it a try!