Unconventional Beauty of the Five Women that’ll inspire your Imaginations

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Cultures on this earth have a lot of diversity, not only in terms of beauty but also, in terms of looks. This diversity of cultures is the only thing that makes a person special or beautiful in society. Although it was a taboo in the past society to be unique now, the progressing world is accepting all these types of uniqueness as a beauty. Many women in the world understand the progressing thinking of society and come in front of the public to show their unique beauty. These models have to face many negative arguments and conventional thinking of people but new positivity from the developing world also. I would like to call them “Role Models” because they did believe in themselves and make a new world in the industry of beauty.

Today I’ll share a list of five unconventional beauties of the world who made their way in the storm of beauty with the help of their uniqueness on social media or on other media.


Winnie Harlow

Tyra Banks -the host of America’s Next Top Model- discovered Winnie Harlow on Instagram for “America Next Top Model”. After appearing in “America’s Next Top Model”, she gained immense fame and popularity in public and signed as a brand face for Desigual. Although she is suffering from vitiligo (long term condition in the skin where pale white patches appear on the skin due to lack of melanin), but she never gives importance to the problems in her way to success due to her skin.

After appearing first time in “America’s Next Top Model”, she continues her services for several fashion shows and even became one of the prominent campaigners for Diesel and Swarovski. She was also invited to wave the chequered flag, signifying the end of Formula One race in 2018 at Canadian Grand Prix. Winnie Harlow is a role model for thousands of men and women around the world who are suffering from skin issues and has low self-esteem to express their abilities.


Khoudia Diop

Melanin Goddess or Khoudia Diop is a Senegalese model who was born on December 1996. She was teased by her fellows in her young age for her extraordinary dark skin but she never entertained the comments of her fellows about her skin. When she moved to Paris, where she was advised to work as a model and even approached by many companies in the industry.

After moving toward New York in 2016, she got real fame when she was appointed for “The Colored Girl Project”. This show led to an immense increase in her popularity in public on Instagram when she got 350,000 followers from 300 in days. She was also received with immense honor due to her ebony skin. A cosmetic company named “Make Up for Ever” which work for darker shades of face foundations also hired her due to her dark skin color.